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We Need to Kill the Windows Installer

We need to kill the Windows Installer.  More specifically, Microsoft needs to kill it.  Why?  Because it’s a poor method of installing software.  Alternative operating systems to Windows such as Mac OS X and every Linux distribution do software installations the right way.  What makes their method for installing software the “right way” you ask?  It’s flat out easier, more intuitive, and less cumbersome.

As it stands now when you want to install a piece of software on Windows you are required to download an executable file and run it.  The executable then opens the Installer which prompts you for several things.  Some of which require clicking a checkbox, selecting particular options, and clicking buttons.  How many times do I have to click “Next” to install something on Windows?  It’s a tedious task.  One that I think can also be argued to be too complicated for many end users.

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Apple Tops Most Vulnerable Software List

According to a recent report by Secunia, Apple’s software has topped the list of software vulnerabilities beating out Oracle for the not-so-prized top spot. The report which focuses on the first half of 2010 shows that Apple had more reported flaws than any other vendor. Microsoft retains its third-place spot. Altogether, the top ten vendors account for some 38% of all flaws reported.

While this report does not take into account the severity of the security flaws, it displays that these software vulnerabilities are becoming more prevalent through third-party applications rather than the actual operating system.  For example, many of Apple’s flaws are not in its operating system, Mac OS X, but rather in software like Safari, QuickTime, and iTunes.

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ScreenGrab: Share Your Screenshots

ScreenGrab is small application that allows you to easily take screenshots and then quickly upload them to a web server via FTP.  The application is free and can function without using FTP, However, if you want a place to upload the screenshots you will need a web server with FTP access.  Otherwise,  your screenshots will stay on your local computers hard drive (unless of course you delete them).

ScreenGrab is very simple and easy to use.  All you need to know is the hot key which enables the screen capture mode.  The hot key for OSX is command + shift + 4 and if you would like select a specific window, hit the space bar and click the window you wish to screenshot.  The hot keys for Windows are Alt+F10 for fullscreen, Alt+F11 for select area, and Alt+F12 for active window.

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Bodega: The App Store For OS X

People have been talking about an App Store for OS X ever since the one for the iPhone/iPod Touch came out. Well, now, Bodega has delivered (at least until Apple comes out with something). Bodega prides itself as being your one stop shop for all of your software needs.  And honestly, it has a lot of potential to be just that.

Bodega is very feature full.  Not only is it just a place to find applications, but, you can buy directly through it, store your receipts and serials, review applications, and update applications through it (even if you didn’t download it via Bodega – it just has to be in the Bodega store).

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