Commander One Pro Review: A Finder Alternative for Power Users

ATTENTION: There's a special surprise at the bottom of this post. Don't miss out! Despite incremental improvements to Finder over the years, it has remained largely the same and often leaves power users wanting more out of their file manager. That's where Commander One, a Mac application written entirely … [Read more...]

Typeeto Lets You Use Your Mac Keyboard On Your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

The other day while browsing through the Mac App Store I stumbled across this nifty piece of software called Typeeto (it's currently on sale for $1.99 but I believe that ends tonight, so if you think it's cool after giving this a read, get it now before it jumps back to $9.99). So what is Typeeto? Typeeto … [Read more...]

It Only Took 7 Years But Malwarebytes for Mac Is Finally Here

I have always been a huge fan and advocate for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Disclosure: I'm good personal/professional friends with the founder/CEO of the company). But despite my friendship, the product is amazing -- it's helped millions of people and businesses all over the world remove more than 5 billion … [Read more...]

How To Rip A DVD to Your Mac

We've all been there (or you may be there right now if you are reading this): you want to rip a DVD you own to your Mac so you can watch it without having to pop in the disc every time. Ripping a DVD will also allow you to put the movie on a mobile device such as your iPhone or iPad so you can watch it … [Read more...]

Apple Online Services Suffering Outage

Have you been trying and failing to get onto various Apple services today? Like the App Store, or iTunes, or iCloud? If so, you’re not alone: today 9to5Mac reports that multiple online Apple services are inexplicably down today, with no relief in sight. According to the post, the Mac and iOS App Stores are … [Read more...]

Apple Tries to Squash Bugs with iOS, OS X Updates

A new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, has been released to users in an effort to fix a few bugs that have popped up since the launch of Apple Pay on iPhones and iPads. Similarly, a new version of OS X for Mac computers has gone out with similar intentions to fix problems – though it seems … [Read more...]

Continuity: Finally, Apple’s Ecosystem Feels Unified

I own Apple devices in every category. My main computer is a MacBook Air. My smartphone is an iPhone. My tablet is an iPad. The draw is supposed to be the ecosystem. When you’re all in, everything is supposed to work seamlessly. But, for the longest time, it felt like that wasn’t the case. All of these … [Read more...]

Apple’s Federighi Puts the Kibosh on Touchscreen Macs

Yesterday’s Apple event brought a few new iterations of old product categories – we got new iPads, new Mac Minis, and new iMacs with super high definition displays. But while everything old is new again, one feature was left decidedly out: touchscreen computers. And according to a new interview with Apple’s … [Read more...]

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