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Many Mac users treat the hard disk of their machine like a family garage where they dump all sorts of digital junk. Until the time comes when it becomes over-cluttered and starts creating problems, nobody really looks into how much digital junk is clogging up the hard drive.

To make the system run smoothly it is important to remove all digital waste from your system. Duplicate data is often the major culprit. All of us take hundreds of pictures every month, and if you upload them to your Mac to edit and publish later, they occupy significantly more space than other types of files such as documents and PDFs. When you edit your images using Photoshop or other applications, each time it creates an intermediary file to save results of work in process.

All this data adds to the waste load on your system. You may also create copies of files by uploading photos from different devices, for example, from iPad and iPhone when you sync them. You can also create data clones when you upload photos from the external disk or a card twice, forgetting that you have already done that. This mistake is typical for photographers who manage thousands of snaps on a daily basis, especially during intensive photoshoots.

Now you understand the scope of problem and the need for the solution. There are two ways of locating and removing duplicate photos on Mac.

Remove files manually

The first way to delete cloned data from your system is to scan and find it manually. For this, you need to check all your drives and folders for copies of documents on it. You can find this data in image, audio, video, document and many other folders. The limitation of this manual process is that it is a time-consuming and exhausting way to find cloned data. Even if you’re very focused, there’s a chance you’ll miss some big files or even folders. Besides, this method may prove to be challenging for those who have hundreds or even thousands of photos on their computer. Here’s a short how-to video on deleting duplicates manually.

There’s a better way

A good duplicate file remover tool can help you get rid of this digital junk instantly. It scans, finds and deletes duplicate files in a matter of minutes. More importantly, it saves you a good deal of efforts as you do need not to snoop around the whole system for duplicates. What happens here is that the software finds duplicate pictures using its own search engine.

There are a lot of duplicate file finder or remover tools available, which help you delete duplicate data instantly to improve your system’s performance. Using duplicate file remover tools, you can spare gigabytes of data from your system. For more ideas on how to easily locate and remove identical photos on Mac, check out this guide:

Using a duplicate file finder can help you clean up all the useless photo doubles, save your valuable disk space and easily manage your albums, so that you have access to your best shots at any time.

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