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People have been talking about an App Store for OS X ever since the one for the iPhone/iPod Touch came out. Well, now, Bodega has delivered (at least until Apple comes out with something). Bodega prides itself as being your one stop shop for all of your software needs.  And honestly, it has a lot of potential to be just that.

Bodega is very feature full.  Not only is it just a place to find applications, but, you can buy directly through it, store your receipts and serials, review applications, and update applications through it (even if you didn’t download it via Bodega – it just has to be in the Bodega store).

Currently Bodega is claiming it has 620 applications in their store.  Of course, that’s nowhere close to the amount of applications available on OS X, but hey, it’s a brand new service (came out of private beta only recently).  As for submitting your application to their store – it’s completely free.  Bodega is also quite aware of the issues the Apple App Store has recently faced with regards to reviewing applications and have made a blog post covering their review process.

Obviously, right now, I’m sure Bodega will do their best to get as many applications into their their store, but, once they have the any amount of major success will that change?  I hope not.  According to Bodega, “Our primary concerns are malware, profanity, and spam. We want to ensure that Bodega only displays legitimate and appropriate content.”  All very legitimate concerns and they definitely seem a bit less restrictive than Apple’s initial concerns with the App Store.

Nonetheless, this application is worth checking out.  I’ve found some pretty cool software using it.  It works on Snow Leopard too.

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