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InfoLinks is an in-text advertising service that allows you to quickly and easily make money off your website’s content.  In-text advertising is when certain keywords on your website are used as a means of advertising. The advertisements appear in a link form which when clicked will bring you to the advertisers website or product page. These types of advertisements can be very useful and can also generate revenue for the publisher with very limited work. InfoLinks acts as a middle-man that makes the arrangements with all of the advertisers so you don’t have to, letting you, just focus on earning money.

About six months ago (October 2008) I was approached by InfoLinks to start using their in-text advertising service. At the time, I was using another in-text advertising service called Kontera and was pleased with their service (for the most part). However, InfoLinks went the extra mile and offered me 100% revenue sharing for the first three months of me using their service. I was thoroughly impressed once I started using their service, it’s extremely simple to setup on your website, it provides detailed reports/summary’s for every day, and it’s pretty relevant for the most part.

When it comes to setting InfoLinks up on your website all you need to do is copy the java script code they provide for you into either the header or footer of your site and it will automatically start to generate the in-text advertisements. You can login to the InfoLinks control panel every day (if you wish) and check how many clicks you received and how much money you earned. In regards to payments, I have always been paid on time and with the appropriate amount.

After the initial first three months after my 100% revenue sharing deal expired, I was bumped down to 80% revenue sharing which is the standard rate for them. Many other services will only provide maybe 60% or 70% (If you’re lucky).

If there was anything I would like to see InfoLinks do with regards to features and functionality, I would like to see realtime statistics with regards to clicks and earnings as well as a more detailed reports that would include what pages were the ads clicked, how many times, etc.

Overall, InfoLinks is a solid service that provides and quick and easy way to generate money online through in-text advertising. Give them a shot and let me know what you think.

Infolinks Double with a Bubble videos:

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