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5 Reasons Why YouTube Live Has Great Potential

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about YouTube‘s new “live” venture which will allow users on the already popular video sharing site to stream content live to YouTube’s vast audience; much like current streaming services like Ustream and Justin.tv already offer.  While YouTube has previously covered live events in the past, the site is now implementing features that will ultimately allow for live functionality to become a part of the everyday YouTube experience for millions upon millions of YouTube viewers and content producers.  While I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, I have opened up to the idea a lot more after reading YouTube’s formalized official announcement regarding the new feature.

Having said this, my recent article about YouTube’s success – coincidentally written just last night without my knowing about the “live” feature that would come about today – outlines the fact that YouTube is not only a well-established site, but very well has the potential to grow into a much larger and powerful entity.  And with this in mind, YouTube Live has the potential to become beneficial for both YouTube and for those who produce for it in a number of ways.

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UStream Producer (Pro) Sucks. Telestream and UStream Should Be Embarrassed.

Earlier this year UStream announced their own white label version of Wirecast called UStream Producer Pro.  Of course, I bought a copy for $199.  I also bought the $99 HD video plugin.  Approximately $300 later, I had what I thought would be the ultimate in live streaming software.  When I purchased Producer Pro I knew it would only work on UStream and I was (and still am) completely fine with that because I have been using their service exclusively since it launched back in 2007.  That being said, I did not know UStream would fail to maintain the software or have such terrible customer support for it.

A quick look at the UStream Producer support forum will show that there are many threads with zero replies – many of which are complaint or software problem threads.  In addition to that, the company (Telestream) which white labeled their product to UStream claims on their site under the FAQ section that both Producer Pro and Wirecast (Telestream’s version) are almost identical in terms of features.  Well, they aren’t.  Producer Pro is very much watered down, it’s much more buggy, it’s barely updated/maintained, and it just flat out sucks.

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