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My lovely girlfriend (Mandy – the excellent photographer) bought me a Logitech Orbit MP webcam a while back so we could webcam with each other, when she wasn’t here. Another use that I have put this device to is streaming on my account. By the way, I have to finish coding that page as I stopped a while back due to lack of time. Anyway, I like the webcam at times, however, other times I hate it. The quality of the cam is great, the features it has are nice (rotating the cam, moving it up and down, and even the software that comes with it has a boat load of pretty neat features and stuff you can do), it has a stand as well, so you can keep it on the stand or mount it somewhere, like on top of your monitor(s).

Now, I did say that I do hate it at times, and I do. It has been giving me a few issues, some minor and others not so minor. First off, when I went to install the software for the cam, it took forever; and my computer is by no means “sluggish”. Secondly, it has major issues when it comes to being recognized by my computer. I’ve had to do complete reboots because it thinks it’s in use by another process or program. Other times, I’ve had to unplug it and then plug it back in, in order to get it recognized by my computer. This is definitely an annoying issue, to say the least. I’d have to say that this happens almost every other time I go to use it. Also, another thing I dislike, is that it has a horrible time while plugged into a Mac; however, I do realize it’s not only an issue with this particular Logitech webcam. Of course, this is due to lack of driver support. While I was lucky enough to have my webcam somewhat supported with the latest version of OSX, other Logitech cams are not so lucky. Nonetheless, I’d love to be able to use this webcam to its full potential on my Macbook; and yes, I realize that the iSight is built into my Mac.

Would I still buy it? Sure, it’s a nice webcam (when it works). Granted some people like my girlfriend don’t have any issues with theirs (she too, has a Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP) I seem to be one of the unlucky ones. Leave a comment! Which webcam do you use? Do you like it? Do you have any issues?

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