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Will A Google Acquisition of Hulu Provide Worthwhile Synergy?

If there’s one aspect of our day-to-day lives that I am sure will change dramatically over the next few years I honestly think that thing would be television.  I mean, think of what TV was like fifty years ago – a bulky little box with bunny-ears and a black-and-white picture that families circled around in the living room – and ponder how much more modern our state of the art television system shave become.  In an era where television sets are being developed specifically with Internet-connected operation in mind and streaming media delivery has become a focus of more traditional cable companies and even newcomers like online retail giant Amazon alike I really do think that I was spot-on last year when I said that web-based television is the future.

As it stands now, there are two pretty dominant names in the online streaming industry.  Having recently raised prices on DVD-by-mail plans (the foundation of the company’s original operations) less than a year after making it clear that they were focusing on streaming, Netflix has done a pretty good job at transitioning their efforts from one area of non-traditional media delivery to a much newer and very promising one; web-based streaming.  But just because Netflix has done so well with online streaming doesn’t mean that there aren’t other entities out there that have just as strong of a grasp on the streaming media market as well.  Having been found to be preferred by connoisseurs of television series over Netflix (Netflix was preferred more by movie lovers), Hulu, a joint venture between NBC, Fox, and Disney to allow the companies to tap into the online media revolution, has done quite well for itself as well.

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