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Netflix to Offer Subscribers 60 Days of Free Spotify Premium

Look what just made its way into my inbox: “Special Offer for Netflix Members” reads the subject line. Yes, that’s right, Netflix and Spotify have partnered to provide Netflix subscribers with 60 days of free Spotify Premium. That is, if you agree to provide a credit card when you sign up for the offer.

The offer expires November 1, 2012 — so if you’re interested in trying out Spotify Premium, now is the time to do it.

Another small note: since you have to provide a credit card in order to get access to the deal, if you do not want to end up paying for Spotify Premium after the 60 days are over, remember to cancel your premium account before the 60 days are up so you aren’t charged.

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Will A Google Acquisition of Hulu Provide Worthwhile Synergy?

If there’s one aspect of our day-to-day lives that I am sure will change dramatically over the next few years I honestly think that thing would be television.  I mean, think of what TV was like fifty years ago – a bulky little box with bunny-ears and a black-and-white picture that families circled around in the living room – and ponder how much more modern our state of the art television system shave become.  In an era where television sets are being developed specifically with Internet-connected operation in mind and streaming media delivery has become a focus of more traditional cable companies and even newcomers like online retail giant Amazon alike I really do think that I was spot-on last year when I said that web-based television is the future.

As it stands now, there are two pretty dominant names in the online streaming industry.  Having recently raised prices on DVD-by-mail plans (the foundation of the company’s original operations) less than a year after making it clear that they were focusing on streaming, Netflix has done a pretty good job at transitioning their efforts from one area of non-traditional media delivery to a much newer and very promising one; web-based streaming.  But just because Netflix has done so well with online streaming doesn’t mean that there aren’t other entities out there that have just as strong of a grasp on the streaming media market as well.  Having been found to be preferred by connoisseurs of television series over Netflix (Netflix was preferred more by movie lovers), Hulu, a joint venture between NBC, Fox, and Disney to allow the companies to tap into the online media revolution, has done quite well for itself as well.

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5 Reasons Why YouTube Live Has Great Potential

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about YouTube‘s new “live” venture which will allow users on the already popular video sharing site to stream content live to YouTube’s vast audience; much like current streaming services like Ustream and Justin.tv already offer.  While YouTube has previously covered live events in the past, the site is now implementing features that will ultimately allow for live functionality to become a part of the everyday YouTube experience for millions upon millions of YouTube viewers and content producers.  While I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, I have opened up to the idea a lot more after reading YouTube’s formalized official announcement regarding the new feature.

Having said this, my recent article about YouTube’s success – coincidentally written just last night without my knowing about the “live” feature that would come about today – outlines the fact that YouTube is not only a well-established site, but very well has the potential to grow into a much larger and powerful entity.  And with this in mind, YouTube Live has the potential to become beneficial for both YouTube and for those who produce for it in a number of ways.

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