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Earlier this year UStream announced their own white label version of Wirecast called UStream Producer Pro.  Of course, I bought a copy for $199.  I also bought the $99 HD video plugin.  Approximately $300 later, I had what I thought would be the ultimate in live streaming software.  When I purchased Producer Pro I knew it would only work on UStream and I was (and still am) completely fine with that because I have been using their service exclusively since it launched back in 2007.  That being said, I did not know UStream would fail to maintain the software or have such terrible customer support for it.

A quick look at the UStream Producer support forum will show that there are many threads with zero replies – many of which are complaint or software problem threads.  In addition to that, the company (Telestream) which white labeled their product to UStream claims on their site under the FAQ section that both Producer Pro and Wirecast (Telestream’s version) are almost identical in terms of features.  Well, they aren’t.  Producer Pro is very much watered down, it’s much more buggy, it’s barely updated/maintained, and it just flat out sucks.

I’ve had countless issue after issue.  I’m still wondering why Producer Pro can’t even save my password so I don’t have to type it in every single time.  I’ve also noticed a great deal of lag when using Producer Pro over just the typical web interface.  Which is mind boggling.  If I was Telestream I would be extremely concerned with what UStream is doing to their product’s reputation.  I think UStream has single handily destroyed any chance of me ever buying Wirecast.

UStream Producer Pro ruined my experience with UStream.  I feel like it was a complete waste of money.  What a complete embarrassment for both companies.  UStream Producer Pro is a complete joke.  Save your money – do not purchase UStream Producer Pro.

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