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Ustream has just launched a new desktop application called Ustream Producer that provides high quality video and editing tools which can help give your stream(s) a more polished and professional feel and look. The application is available for both Mac and PC and is available for download here.

The Ustream Producer application provides the following features and functionality for free:

* Easily manage video and audio sources
* Browse, drag and drop audio and video files
* Start and stop recordings
* Pop-out a chat room or Social Stream
* Display your desktop via screencasting capability
* Update your status and syndicate to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and AIM
* Broadcast using Picture in Picture
* Create multiple transitions

The application has both a free version and a paid version (one time fee of $199) and you can see a comparison of the two here.

Essentially the main difference between the two versions of the application are the number of cameras you can use with the application (one for free or unlimited cameras for paid), the number of transitions available, and the overall video quality. I’ve been using this application for a day now and I really like it. I much prefer the desktop application over using their web interface.

One of the really nice features I found was the ability to do screencasts directly from Ustream Producer itself which really is a huge benefit for many broadcasters who switch back and forth from the camera to the desktop especially when reviewing a website or piece of software.

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