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One of the latest and most popular platform game for the Nintendo Wii is the New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Like just about all Mario games, you continue your adventure to save Princess Peach from Bowser. If you are a Mario fan, this is definitely the game for you because it is packed with hours and hours of fun that you had in the original Super Mario Bros. games. If graphics are something that you look at as being important for the game, then you’re in luck because the graphics in this game are absolutely fantastic.

If you have not played a Mario game before, especially Super Mario Bros., then I am going to tell you the overview of the game. There are 8 worlds with about 8-10 or more levels in those worlds. You have to beat a certain amount of levels before you get to a “mini castle” level and beat the boss. Then you play through a few more levels and get to the final castle where you have to beat the boss again. Once you do that, you move on to the next world. Like the past Mario games, there are items you can collect throughout, such as fire flowers, growing mushrooms, ice flowers and 1UP mushrooms.

There are also some new items that you can pick up: the penguin suit and the flying mushroom. While you advance through the game, there are some mini games that will allow you to get some items such as growing mushrooms, 1UP mushrooms and the majority of the other items.

The game may seem a little easy at first, but after the first world, it continues to get harder and harder. This game is definitely a lot of fun to either play by yourself or with friends and family. This is an exclusive game on the Wii and will definitely keep you up late playing through worlds and saving Princess Peach, which has proven through the years to never get old.

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