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Why doesn’t the iPad have a camera? It is one of the hottest questions regarding the latest device (iPad) out of the Cupertino-based Apple, Inc. After discussing the issue on my site and forums, a member, brought an interesting point to my attention regarding the iPad not including a camera. The point being, if you think about the intended usage of the device which is primary geared towards being in your lap, then the angle in which the camera would be pointed in would be horrendous.

Think about it – the camera would be pointing towards your upper chest and your chin. It wouldn’t get much of your facial area at all unless of course you held it upright. If you are planning on putting it on a desk in its dock you might as well be using a Macbook (Pro) which does have a built-in camera.

Other points brought up were the cost which would directly effect the pricing of device. As we know, the price of the iPad is pretty low (at least for Apple pricing structures). This also makes sense somewhat as an iPhone (which does have a camera retails for $599 and $699 (without contract from AT&T). So I could understand the price being bumped up from $499 (base model – 16GB + WiFi) if a camera was included.

What do you think? Why did Apple omit a camera from the iPad? Do you care if the iPad has a camera or not?


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