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Not sure whether you want to buy an iPad? On the fence about it? You are not alone. Even with the slight disappointment, I decided that I will in fact be purchasing one. The only question left is which one to do I buy? In the process of deciding whether I wanted to buy an iPad or not, I came up with a list of ten (10) possible reasons why you would want an iPad (not in any particular order).

1. Price. The price is just right for the device. Starting at $499 for a 16GB WiFi only model and up to $829 for a 64GB WiFi + 3G model. I also think the price shocked a few people, no one expected it to be that low (at least with regard to Apple’s pricing structure).

2. Portability. The form factor makes it perfect for traveling. It sports a 9.7 inch LED display, it is slim: 0.5 inch depth, and it doesn’t weigh much at all: approximately 1.5 pounds.

3. Battery Life. The battery life (as claimed) is phenomenal. Apple says it can get up to 10 hours of battery life surfing the web, watching movies, or listening to music. Of course, we will see how practical of a number that is once we test it in real life usage scenarios.

4. Business. Apple completely revamped iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) for the iPad. The interface looks astounding. Not to mention, the price of each individual application is a mere $9.99.

5. Accessories. I expect to see a slew of new accessories for the iPad. They already have a nice case/stand, physical keyboard, and camera adapters for SD cards. I wouldn’t be surprised to see stereo system docks for the iPad similar to the ones for the iPod and iPhone.

6. Photography. If you are a photographer with an iPad and the camera accessory you can easily view your photos on the go. It would also make for a great way to present your portfolio to you clients.

7. eBooks. If you do not own a Kindle the iPad is an excellent alternative. In fact, it will most likely be better in the long run. Not only does the purchasing method seem much better, you get a full color display which will be great for images and crisper text. It even has some cool page turning effects.

8. Newspapers & Magazines. Tired of carrying a newspaper on the train or in the car to work? Yeah, I’m sure a lot of people are. I think even my dad would love an iPad to read the New York Times on the train ride into the city. I believe you can already subscribe to the NYT via the iPad, I’m sure other newspapers and magazines will follow suite soon.

9. App Store. The iPad has the power of the App Store behind it. 140,000 apps strong and still steam rolling right along. Not only will there be more iPad centric apps coming soon, but you can use all of the apps in the App Store currently with it (even those which require a mic since the iPad has a built-in mic).

10. It’s Bigger. There are a lot of comments about how it is literally just a big iPhone/iPod Touch. And honestly, that is a true benefit especially for surfing the web, viewing photos, and watching videos/movies.


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