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Mac User Guide: Tips & Tricks

If it’s one thing we have heard about Apple computers it is that they are expensive, can’t be customized and everything is made for someone without a brain. However, Apple in truth provides one of the most customizable and feature rich operating systems currently on the market. In an attempt to redeem the Mac OS I’ve compiled a list of tips tricks and features.

One of the more interesting features about a Mac is it’s unique dock. Applications are placed in the left of the dock to allow easy access to your most used programs. Folder are placed in the right of the dock for ease of access. Here are a few pointers for customizing your dock.

  • By default when applications are minimized they go into the right part of the dock. This can be redundant and kind of annoying. To have your applications minimize into the application icon in the dock simply navigate to System Preferences (This is by default in the dock. If not click the Apple logo in the upper left then click System Preferences.) Inside System Preferences you’ll find under the Personal options Dock. By clicking it you’ll be presented with all the options for your mac dock. To enable windows minimized to the application icon tick the box “Minimize windows into application icon”
  • Stacks are a really cool feature in OS X. Not only does it make the folders placed in the dock look really bad ass it also gives you the ability to customize the look of your folders in the dock. Simply find a photo any photo and place it in the folder you want to customize. Rename the photo to *.jpg (Yes that is an asterisk.) This will ensure the photo you select is always in the front of the stack. That is it! You have a completely customized icon for your stack.
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How Do You Get The Most Battery Life From Your iPhone?

It is no secret that the iPhone 3GS battery may just flat out suck.  Which leads me to the question, what do you do to get the most battery life from your iPhone (any generation)?  Do you disable push notifications, automatic email downloading, turn off location services, have the brightness set really low?  You know, all the things that you should be able to enjoy with an iPhone but in reality kill the battery so fast that you are lucky if you can make it a full day without having to charge it at some point.

The battery life on my iPhone 3GS is so bad (though I have learned to “deal”) that I have disabled the battery percentage because it upsets me.  I used to find myself constantly looking at it and wondering if my iPhone 3G used to drain this fast.  The percentages would just plummet after minimal usage.  So what can you do to help improve your iPhone’s battery?  Here are some tips.

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10 Computer Repair Tips Any Tech Should Know

When it comes to computer repair there is a lot more to know about then meets the eye. Here are ten (10) tips on how to improve your computer repair service (business). This post was written by geekinside who is a member of our chat room.

1. Identify your skill set – You may be good with hardware, software or both. Software issues occur as often as, if not more often than, hardware issues.

2. Don’t over price your services – You may think that your work is equal to or better than that of Geek Squad. Big companies like Geek Squad have many overheads and you will get more customers by exploiting this and undercutting them.

3. Free is always better – When finding software solutions for your clients in general free versions are, in general, quite amicable. Free software means you save your customers money and that, for you, means repeat business.

4. Don’t overstock – If you’re buying software or hardware in advance don’t purchase too much. You may use it more at peak times such as Christmas but, when business dwindles, you will be left with depreciating stock assets.

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