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DuckDuckGo Search Engine Terminal Emulator Is A Geek’s Dream

Did you know that DuckDuckGo, a search engine that focuses on user privacy, has a super cool (and geeky), search engine terminal emulator? Like most modern search engines, DuckDuckGo provides a nice modern graphical user interface to make searching the web easy and user friendly, but sometimes you just want to geek out and use the terminal or command-line interface.

Now with DuckDuckGo’s terminal emulator you can do just that. Go ahead, channel your inner geek (I’ll wait…). Ok, are you feeling geeky? Now head over to the terminal emulator and type in your search query like you would in a normal search box, hit enter, and the results appear, but you’ll notice you can’t click them, so how do you get to the web page of the result you want? Well, it’s not that difficult.

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How To: Make Your Website Look Like A Linux Terminal

Have you seen my personal site JeffWeisbein.com yet? No? Go ahead, check it out. I’ll give you a minute or so. Alright, you’re back now. So now you are probably wondering how you can create a website similar to that one. Luckily, it’s fairly easy. All you need to do is copy the source code on JeffWeisbein.com, copy a text file, make a few minor modifications to both the source code and the text file, and then upload the documents to your web server.

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How To: Disable Root SSH Login on Linux

If you have your own server chances are you will want to keep it secure from unauthorized users. One security tip I always recommend to people who are setting up a new server is to disable the ability to login as root with SSH. By disabling root SSH login capabilities you are putting up another road block for those unwanted users who may try and use brute force techniques to gain access to your server.

When you disable root SSH logins, the intruder would need to know your login and then figure out your root login credentials once they were able to login as you.  Thus making it a bit more difficult for them to gain access.  Before you go ahead and disable root logins via SSH, it’s important that you have a separate user account setup so you can still login via SSH once you disable root logins.

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GeekBench: How To Benchmark Your System

GeekBench is a piece of software that allows you to benchmark your system and then compare your benchmark against similar computer systems.  GeekBench was created by PrimateLabs and has both a free and paid version of their software – the paid version goes for about $20.

The paid version allows you to run the 64bit version of the application which will allow you to compare 32bit benchmarks to 64bit benchmarks so you can see how your system will handle 32 vs 64 bit applications.  However, if you are just looking for a straight up benchmark, the free version will work just fine.  GeekBench works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

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10 Computer Repair Tips Any Tech Should Know

When it comes to computer repair there is a lot more to know about then meets the eye. Here are ten (10) tips on how to improve your computer repair service (business). This post was written by geekinside who is a member of our chat room.

1. Identify your skill set – You may be good with hardware, software or both. Software issues occur as often as, if not more often than, hardware issues.

2. Don’t over price your services – You may think that your work is equal to or better than that of Geek Squad. Big companies like Geek Squad have many overheads and you will get more customers by exploiting this and undercutting them.

3. Free is always better – When finding software solutions for your clients in general free versions are, in general, quite amicable. Free software means you save your customers money and that, for you, means repeat business.

4. Don’t overstock – If you’re buying software or hardware in advance don’t purchase too much. You may use it more at peak times such as Christmas but, when business dwindles, you will be left with depreciating stock assets.

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