Have you seen my personal site JeffWeisbein.com yet?  No?  Go ahead, check it out.  I’ll give you a minute or so.  Alright, you’re back now.  So now you are probably wondering how you can create a website similar to that one.  Luckily, it’s fairly easy. All you need to do is copy the source code on JeffWeisbein.com, copy a text file, make a few minor modifications to both the source code and the text file, and then upload the documents to your web server.

But first, how do you view the source code?  Depending upon your web browser it may vary slightly, but typically you can right click the page and choose “View source code” or something to that effect.  It will open a new window with the source code in it.  Simply copy all of the code, open your favorite HTML editor, and paste the code inside.  From there, you can make whatever modifications you want.  For example, you can (and probably will want to) change the title of the document from Jeff Weisbein to your own name (e.g. John Doe).  You can also change the colors used on the page by modifying the styling/CSS.

In addition to those changes, you will want to scroll down in the source code to approximately line 161, where you will change the following line of code:

Typer.file="jeffweisbein.txt"; to Typer.file="yourname.txt";.

Of course, you would replace “yourname” with your actual name.  After you have done that, save the file as a .html (HTML) file.

And now, the last step.  Go back to your web browser and visit, http://www.jeffweisbein.com/jeffweisbein.txt. Once you’re there, copy the contents of the text file and paste them into your own text file on your computer. Again, you’ll want to edit the contents to fit your needs, however, be sure to leave all of the paragraph brackets as well as all of the comments within the text file. They are necessary for the site to function properly.  After you have made your changes, save the document as yourname.txt (again, replacing “yourname” with your actual name).  I should also note that you must save it as a text file (.txt extension) for it to work properly.

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If you have any questions, comments, or problems feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help out.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my friend Sam Phippen for letting me share his awesome website idea and coding skills with everyone.

  • When you slow it down, you see how poorly written this really was. The concept is good, but the implementation here is just awful. Once you know how it works, even at the fast speed your website is at I can still see it glitching trying to replace the text.

    • I dont think you are missing a thing.
      It happened to me to and funny enough, i forgot that it has javascript code which obsiouvly would run only on a server so I decided to run my localhost and Everything works just fine.

      And Remember, The tutor said “run it on your server”…

  • Hey how to put commands in this type of website as we type in our terminal.
    i want to make site like skycmd.com
    as like terminal. Please help me guys.

  • Hi there,

    insted of giving a seperate filename in Typer.file, i want to use content output from php. Like Typer.file=”Hello world”;

    how would that be possible by modifying your code?


  • I am trying to seperate the css and js into different files to work in a flask server. However, when I call them from the html file, the only thing showing is a black screen with blinking “>”. What am I doing wrong?

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