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When it comes to computer repair there is a lot more to know about then meets the eye. Here are ten (10) tips on how to improve your computer repair service (business). This post was written by geekinside who is a member of our chat room.

1. Identify your skill set – You may be good with hardware, software or both. Software issues occur as often as, if not more often than, hardware issues.

2. Don’t over price your services – You may think that your work is equal to or better than that of Geek Squad. Big companies like Geek Squad have many overheads and you will get more customers by exploiting this and undercutting them.

3. Free is always better – When finding software solutions for your clients in general free versions are, in general, quite amicable. Free software means you save your customers money and that, for you, means repeat business.

4. Don’t overstock – If you’re buying software or hardware in advance don’t purchase too much. You may use it more at peak times such as Christmas but, when business dwindles, you will be left with depreciating stock assets.

5. Don’t over quote – Give your customers an accurate quote as the situation appears to you with the information you have to hand. If the price needs to increase, call your customer and tell them.

6. Don’t be too pushy – If a customer asks for a recommendation, give one to the best of your ability and leave it at that. Whether it be a free or purchased project, the best you can do is what they asked for – recommend. It is the customer’s decision which option they chose.

7. Demonstrate – Take the time to demonstrate the fixed computer to the customer. Let them know what was wrong and how to avoid it in the future. You will be surprised what an impression this has on the customer.

8. Don’t use customer machines as test beds – Be sure a piece of software or hardware works before using it on a customer’s machine. Virtual machines are great tools to test software in a sandbox environment before putting them on production computers.

9. Don’t retain data – If you need to take data from a customer’s PC you must either give it to them on collection or destroy it once it has been restored back to the machine. It is a breach of ethics and, potentially, laws to retain someone else’s data unnecessarily.

10. Always get a signed disclaimer – You must always get the customer to sign a disclaimer before you work on their PC. This can be as simple as: “I agree that work is being undertaken on my computer by to the best of their ability. I will not hold responsible for any damage to the computer or for any data loss that may happen during the repair process.”. If possible, take out insurance to cover the costs of any legal action that may be brought upon you.

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