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Must Know Tech Events for November 2012

Every month we compile a running list of what we consider “must know tech events” — each month’s list will be maintained throughout the month in order to provide you with the most current event information.

If you have an event that you feel should be added to our list, please free to contact us and let us know!

You can check out the rest of November’s must know tech events below.

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Microsoft Launches TechPolicy Website

Microsoft is launching a new website today which it hopes will spur discussion on key technology policy debates about privacy, security, competition, cloud computing, intellectual property rights and other topics. The site includes opinion articles, a calendar of events and a blog. The topics up for discussion also include patents, licensing, software and services, antitrust, economic growth and the knowledge economy.

The which is called TAP (Technology Academics Policy) can be found at TechPolicy.com.  The goal of TAP is to promote academic research and facilitate substantive debates around several areas that impact the world of technology.  Microsoft has partnered with several law schools including Stanford, Berkeley, Northwestern, and PennLaw to be TAP’s source of academic research, articles, and policy debates.

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10 Computer Repair Tips Any Tech Should Know

When it comes to computer repair there is a lot more to know about then meets the eye. Here are ten (10) tips on how to improve your computer repair service (business). This post was written by geekinside who is a member of our chat room.

1. Identify your skill set – You may be good with hardware, software or both. Software issues occur as often as, if not more often than, hardware issues.

2. Don’t over price your services – You may think that your work is equal to or better than that of Geek Squad. Big companies like Geek Squad have many overheads and you will get more customers by exploiting this and undercutting them.

3. Free is always better – When finding software solutions for your clients in general free versions are, in general, quite amicable. Free software means you save your customers money and that, for you, means repeat business.

4. Don’t overstock – If you’re buying software or hardware in advance don’t purchase too much. You may use it more at peak times such as Christmas but, when business dwindles, you will be left with depreciating stock assets.

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