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Hot off the heels of its launch of Webair Cloud Servers, Webair has announced its latest Cloud Server offering called FusionCloud which features FusionIO technology. Webair states that its FusionCloud servers will deliver 10,000 IOP/S (Input/Output Operations Per Second) — that is awesome, especially since other similar services only offer 100 IOP/S. I was told by a Webair representative that one Webair FusionCloud server can deliver faster disk speeds than almost 50 SSD hard disks combined, which is insanely fast.

If you are not familiar with FusionIO, the company has pioneered the design of a new storage memory platform that significantly improves the processing capabilities within a data center by moving process-critical, or active data closer to the CPU where it is processed. Therefore, reducing the amount of latency. You may also have heard of FusionIO if you follow Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), as he is FusionIO’s chief scientist.

So what would you need one of these servers for anyway? Well, these servers are intended to handle process intensive tasks such as:

One clear advantage to using a FusionCloud server to handle large databases is that there is no need to setup complex multi-server database cluster. You can easily scale up to 8 CPUs, 144GB of ram, and 10K IOP/s with Webair’s FusionCloud.

You need to encode videos? No problem. Simultaneously encode multiple videos without reaching disk limitations.

Sifting through a lot of data? FusionCloud servers can provide super fast seek/read times making your job less painful.

Never worry about spikes in traffic again and replace multiple load balanced physical servers with single instances.

Check out this speed comparison graph for some more details:

Cloudfusion Speed Graph

For additional information and comparison data take a look at Cloud Harmony’s Disk IO Benchmarking article for cloud server providers. None of those providers come close to Webair’s guarantee of 10,000 IOP/S.

Pricing for Webair’s FusionCloud servers starts at $229/month.

Disclosure: Webair is the exclusive web hosting partner for BestTechie.

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