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What did you make as an intern? I’m going to guess that, for most of you, it was not $7,000 a month. But that’s what some interns are making at software company Palantir, and those at well-known tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google aren’t doing too badly, either.

The numbers come courtesy of career research site Glassdoor, which compiled a list of the Top 25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns in 2014.

The list is unsurprisingly dominated by the tech industry, where good engineering talent can command top dollar salaries. There are some notable non-tech companies on the list; Exxon Mobile at #8, ConocoPhillips at #15, BlackRock at #17 and Schlumberger at #20. The rest, though? Companies like VMWare, Twitter, Facbeook, Google, Amazon, eBay and the like. Tech, tech, tech.

You can check out the list below.


If you break that $7,000 per month salary down into an hourly wage (based on a 40 hour week), you get about $40 per hour. Now, to be fair, a lot of software folks work way more than 40 hours per week, and their skill sets require a lot of learning and experience. Still, that’s quite a bit of dough for a position some do for free to improve their job prospects.

It really speaks to how valuable engineers are to tech companies. There aren’t enough good ones, and companies are willing to pay big bucks to kids fresh out of college in order to try them out.

If there was any doubt that technology is the future of our economy, look no further than the above list. New tech startups are launched every day and existing tech companies continue to expand and balloon in size. These jobs are in demand and there’s no sign of things slowing down.

What do you think of the money these interns are making? Do you think they’re getting what they’re worth, or are they being paid way too much? Drop us a line below with your thoughts.

(h/t CNET)

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