GeekBench: How To Benchmark Your System

GeekBench is a piece of software that allows you to benchmark your system and then compare your benchmark against similar computer systems.  GeekBench was created by PrimateLabs and has both a free and paid version of their software – the paid version goes for about $20.

The paid version allows you to run the 64bit version of the application which will allow you to compare 32bit benchmarks to 64bit benchmarks so you can see how your system will handle 32 vs 64 bit applications.  However, if you are just looking for a straight up benchmark, the free version will work just fine.  GeekBench works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

GeekBench measures the performance of all the processor cores in your system. The application is multi-threaded and multi-core aware which allows it to show you the true potential of your computer. In addition to the processor benchmarks, it will benchmark your RAM – sequential read/write speeds, etc.

Once the benchmark is run, you have the choice to submit it to the GeekBench website. If you choose to submit it you can compare your score to that of similar systems or even view other people’s scores to see how you stack up against a better or worse computer system. Here is my GeekBench benchmark from the other day.

Have you tried GeekBench?  Post a link to your scores in the comments!

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