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It is no secret that the iPhone 3GS battery may just flat out suck.  Which leads me to the question, what do you do to get the most battery life from your iPhone (any generation)?  Do you disable push notifications, automatic email downloading, turn off location services, have the brightness set really low?  You know, all the things that you should be able to enjoy with an iPhone but in reality kill the battery so fast that you are lucky if you can make it a full day without having to charge it at some point.

The battery life on my iPhone 3GS is so bad (though I have learned to “deal”) that I have disabled the battery percentage because it upsets me.  I used to find myself constantly looking at it and wondering if my iPhone 3G used to drain this fast.  The percentages would just plummet after minimal usage.  So what can you do to help improve your iPhone’s battery?  Here are some tips.

Of course, you can disable push notifications, but where is the fun in that?  Leave those on.  Leave location services on too.  If you are in an area with no (or very limited) 3G connectivity, turn off 3G.  This will help you out a bit.  Bluetooth is another feature which can be turned off for the most part (at least when you don’t have a need for it).  Another tip I usually recommend is to adjust the brightness, I have found having the slider somewhere in the middle to be fine.  Though if you don’t mind, you can always lower it (more power battery to ya!).  You may also want to turn off WiFi if you know you will not be in a location in which it can be picked up.

The last and probably the most beneficial tip is to delete applications you do not use anymore.  I believe the less app pages you have the better your battery life will be.  And I don’t mean just better by a little, I mean, you will most likely see a dramatic improvement going from 4-5 pages of apps down to 2-3.  I know collecting apps is popular and that’s fine, keep them on your computer’s hard drive – not on your iPhone’s.  Remember, you can always re-download them (if you do not have access to your computer) or re-sync them.

Do you have any other tips on how to improve the iPhone’s battery life?  Leave a comment!

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