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Today, Microsoft is releasing Windows 7.  The successor to infamous Windows Vista.  Now in a valiant attempt to not have a repeat of Windows Vista, Microsoft has been playing it smart.  This time around the software giant has been working closely with resellers such as Best Buy as well as computer manufacturers to make sure they know and understand Windows 7.  I believe this is key for Windows 7 to be widely accepted.  If the people who are selling the product actually know it and even better, actually like the product that will be passed along to the consumer.

Windows 7 has been much anticipated from a wide range of computer users.  Experts and novices alike have been patiently waiting for something to upgrade to that wasn’t Windows Vista and now, the time has come.  Today, October 22nd, 2009, Microsoft is releasing Windows 7 to the public.

In the UK, Windows 7 pre-orders have broken the Amazon pre-order record (which was held by Harry Potter).  So clearly, people are excited about it.  And rightfully so.  Windows 7 is very nice and I expect to see widespread adoption of it on the consumer side within a year, while the corporate side may take closer to two years, but it will happen as well.  To put it simply, Windows XP is almost 10 years old, people cannot hold onto it any longer – it is time to move on.

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