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Roslyn, New York – October 24, 2009 – BestTechie Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce it has acquired the WyldRyde IRC Network from WyldRyde Corporation. Steve Mermelstein (usrbingeek), long time WyldRyde Root Administrator and President of WyldRyde Corporation said earlier today, “I’m handing over control of WyldRyde to Jeff Weisbein and he’ll be assuming the operation of the WyldRyde IRC Network from this point forward. You’ll still be able to find me on WyldRyde but I’m planning on playing a significantly smaller role so I may fully dedicate myself to my photography.”

The acquisition of the WyldRyde IRC Network will allow BestTechie to expand its web properties which will now include three (3) websites and one (1) IRC Network.  Under the ownership of BestTechie, WyldRyde will continue to grow and foster the special community that has made it what it is today.

“As a long time WyldRyde user and Global Network Administrator, I have come to understand what our users like and don’t like.  I plan to make the necessary changes to create the best and most friendly environment so all of users can call WyldRyde their home.”, said Jeff Weisbein, President of BestTechie Holdings, Inc.

Unfortunately, with all of this exciting news, BestTechie is resetting the NickServ and ChanServ databases and requiring all users to re-register.  What does this mean to our users?  Well, it is a slight inconvenience and we are deeply sorry that it could not be avoided.  However, we encourage everyone to re-register your channel(s) and nickname(s) and use a new password.  Also, until otherwise noted, you will need to replace the TFlash chat embeds on your websites with another web chat service such as Mibbit (which can be configured to point to your channel on WyldRyde).  We hope this will be only temporary while we attempt to find a better and more effective web chat client.  If you need help with any of those tasks, please /join #help and request assistance.

In order to help smooth the transition process we have registered a number of the larger channels on WyldRyde for the channel owner’s convenience and will transfer ownership of the channel upon the owner’s request.  Additionally, any nickname or channel registration disputes should be brought to the staff’s attention in #help.  We ask that everyone act civilly and that you do not register a channel or nickname that belonged to someone else previously.

Lastly, please be aware that since we are changing our DNS servers it may take a while (anywhere from instantly to 48 hours) to propagate (update) on your end.  You may want to consider using OpenDNS (sign up for a free account) instead of your regular ISP’s DNS servers if you do not feel like potentially waiting up to 48 hours.  That being said, if you are unable to connect to the new WyldRyde servers via for any reason, please use the following IP address to connect:

We would also like to ask that our users please have a little more patience than usual while we have a chance to work out all of the bugs and any issues that may arise within the initial weeks of operation.  We hope to see all of you continue to ride the WyldRyde!

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