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The Microsoft MCSA exam is a test designed to measure your ability to accomplish various technical tasks related to Office 365. Some important details of the exam are observed in this article.

As a part of the company’s Microsoft Office product line, Microsoft offers Office 365. The brand comprises plans that allow different business organizations to use the Microsoft Office software. This is a program that runs different facets of the organization and, as it happens with any software, crashes can sometimes be experienced. Configuration details are also complex for most people to perform. As a result, the individuals with the expertise are required in organization for various purposes, such as configuration and implementation of Skype solutions.

Organizations do not trust anybody to deal with these functions. Moreover, they require the individuals who demonstrate relevant qualifications. For certification purposes, Microsoft launched the Enabling Office 365 Services exam.

The test is split into different categories, and each one contains a certain percentage weight. The percentages reflect the quantity of the questions tested in each topic. If the percentage is high, it means that more questions will be devoted to that particular area.

Categories Tested in Microsoft MCSA Exam

You should bear in mind the following categories while preparing for the test. Each category has a specific percentage weight; hence, you can see, to which you should pay more attention.

This section of the exam accounts for 20-25% of the questions asked.

This area is about the management of user-driven deployments, but not limited to:

1. Managing End-User and Clients Devices

This section of the exam accounts for 20-25% of the questions asked.

This area is about the management of user-driven deployments, but not limited to:

  • Windows Store Apps
  • Office for Mac
  • Mobile Apps

The section also tests your ability to manage the developments of Office 365 ProPlus. With this regards, you should expect questions related to:

  • Customizing deployment
  • Manage deployment
  • Designing a pilot group for testing Office 365 ProPlus updates
  • Managing deployment channels
  • Managing streaming updates
  • Managing deployments with the aid of Office Deployment Tool

Furthermore, your abilities in reporting and telemetry are also tested. The examiner will seek to find out if you can set up telemetry service, enable telemetry with the use of Group Policy, deploy telemetry agents, and make analysis of any emerging issue as highlighted by telemetry dashboard.

The section checks whether you can create a plan for Office clients. Your skills to configure Outlook, Visio Online, Office Online, and Skype for Business are put to this certification test. How good are you at implementing the latest authentication mechanisms for Office 365 clients and determining when to use Windows Installer (MSI) or Click-to-Run?

As you can see, this is a section that demands a lot from you. The questions may not be tough, but if you have no clue of what the question has to do with, then you will be left helpless. Microsoft provides you with an Office 365 deployment guide so that you can prepare for this section.

To download exam dumps or practice test questions, click here:

2. SharePoint Online

This section of the Microsoft MCSA exam makes up 20-25% of the questions.

It is aimed at your ability to configure external user access. Can you design site collections, authorize external user access at a global scope, and disable external user access? Those are some of the skills required.

The section is also interested in your skill to plan a collaboration solution, which includes:

  • Migration of Business files to OneDrive
  • Accessing files from multiple devices
  • Configuring Yammer groups
  • Coauthoring
  • Using web User Interface to implement enterprise eDiscovery
  • Configuring Data Loss Prevention
  • Making use of Delve to collaborate on a task

It is important to mention that you must be able to set up the administrator account for SharePoint Online, set storage quota, deploy communication sites, and configure name/URL for different collection sites.

This section is practically oriented and more technical than the first one. It demands that you be well prepared if you are going to answer the questions correctly. Once again, Microsoft understands that you might have difficulty in some areas. As a result, it provides you with the study resources.

3. Skype for Business andExchange Online

The section also covers from 20% to 25% of the test. It is focused on Exchange Online and Skype for Business solutions. Given that these are vital services for any organizations, there is a strong urge to keep hackers out. Therefore, the exam checks your ability to manage anti-spam and anti-malware policies. It takes a look at your knowledge in configuring lists, configuring spam settings, releasing quarantine, configuring notifications, and implementing advanced threat protection and phishing protection.

Are you inclined to make an impressive recommendation for mailbox migration? You will need that if you are going to pass the exam successfully. This sphere comprises the items, including migrating data using import service, remote move, as well as IMAP.

It also evaluates the management of Skype for Business Online. The examiner is interested in the fact whether you can enable external access, manage the connectivity to Skype consumer, customize meeting invitations, manage domains, and use Web UI and PowerShell to disable push notification.

Preparing for this section shouldn’t be hard as you just have to look at the various technical things. Do not just read the directions. Implement them practically wherever possible.

4. Office 365 Services

Last but not least, there is also the section of the configuration and securing of Office 365. This one makes up 20-25% of the questions and should be treated with high importance if you want to excel in your exam.

To get the coveted certification, you will have to know how to implement Microsoft Teams.

This entails the following activities:

Furthermore, you will also have to implement Power Apps and Microsoft Flow in addition to configuring Microsoft StaffHub.

To find a little bit more information about the exam, click here:

It is important to conclude that you should have a good understanding of Microsoft 365 Office if you want to pass the Microsoft MCSA exam.

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