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So you want to be a live streamer? You’re in luck, as virtually all of our favorite apps and social media platforms have integrated live streaming as a way to connect people live and in person via the internet. The possibilities are endless, as you can talk about essentially whatever you’d like – tech, sports, cooking, makeup, etc. Whether you’re playing video games on Twitch, or playing an instrument in an Instagram live, or just broadcasting your everyday life on TikTok (although you do need 1,000+ followers on TikTok to go live), there’s a platform for everything. But in order to be successful, you’ll need to put some work into it.

Do you have what it takes to be a great live streamer? The odds are in your favor, so long as you follow these very simple tips:

Be creative and spontaneous – people like that! Allow yourself to have fun with whatever it is you’re doing. Let your viewers watch you paint a landscape, or show them the sights while visiting a new place. Some of the best ideas will come to you in the moment. In these situations, it’s more enjoyable when you go with your gut and just do it!

Be interesting and know what you’re talking about – stay up-to-date and educated on any subjects you might be covering. Keep the energy up throughout your stream. CookingForNoobs on Twitch is a perfect example of an educated live stream channel – It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the streamer knows what they’re doing and have made cooking simple enough for anyone to follow. This makes the live stream both enjoyable and relatable to viewers.

Be interactive with your viewers – don’t just sit there and expect people to come watch you. Treat each viewer as an individual. If you’re unsure of how to approach it, try this: Throughout the stream, make sure to welcome people by their name/username as they join. Keep reading the chat here and there! You should address your viewers by their name/username every time you respond to questions or statements as well. This makes viewers feel closer to you and like you’re really talking to them.

Be appreciative – don’t take your viewers for granted. Show them that you’re thankful they chose to watch you. You can do this by remembering your viewers and acknowledging returning viewers similarly to how you would a friend. Make it clear that you’re so happy to see them, because in order for your audience to grow you need to retain it. If someone has to leave towards the end of your live stream, don’t forget to say bye!

(Most importantly) Be you – don’t try and be someone you are not. Authenticity is what draws people in. Katharine McPhee has live streamed on Instagram playing songs with her husband, her cutting his hair, and plenty more silly events in her everyday life. And people absolutely love it!

If you can master those five easy-to-follow tips chances are you will become a successful live streamer. One last thing to remember is that success does not occur over night – do not be discouraged if you start out with only a few viewers, keep doing what you are doing – the viewers will come. It’s better to have a smaller audience that engages with you so that you can slowly build your following of genuine fans.

Do you have any other live streaming tips? What do you do, and how does it work for you? Leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

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