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A solid website that isn’t only attractive but also functional and responsive will ensure that those who find your site will want to stick around and learn more about what your business is all about and the products and services that you have to offer. So when it comes to small business web design, you shouldn’t have a lax attitude; instead, you need to take it very seriously and follow tips that will ensure you create the best website possible that will increase conversions and profits.

Here are a few helpful web design tips that can help you when it comes to building the ideal site for your small business.

1. Keep It Uncluttered and Responsive

Add elements to your website in a manner that will still provide plenty of space so that it doesn’t end up looking cluttered and disorganized. If your visitors feel like they’re overwhelmed by cluttered information, ads, and images when they visit your site, they’ll surely leave.

Enhance user experience by providing an appropriate amount of space amongst the various elements on the page. You also want your site to have responsive design elements so it will display beautifully on all devices.

A streamlined site will also look more professional, and it won’t confuse visitors because you’ll only be providing the information that they need to get interested in what you can do for them.

2. Make It Easy to Navigate

Your site’s navigation is also super important when it comes to design, in fact, utilizing elements like color and good typography can really make all the difference. The are a number of great online resources to find web fonts, including free ones so definitely check those out.

Also, I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to scour some company’s site just to find a phone number. It is super critical that you put all the most important information on your home page.

Another thing you will want to be careful about is having too many web pages on your site. While you may think you are providing good information, sometimes too much information is well, too much and could make it really difficult for users to navigate the site and find the content that they need.

If you don’t plan to build and design your site yourself, it’s incredibly important that you work closely with any web design services company you hire, such as WordPressDesignServices, in order to ensure that you end up with a site meets potential customers needs but also is something you are happy with.

3. Finally, Optimize Your Website’s Content with Keywords

In addition to how your site will actually look, you also need to consider the content that will drive visitors to it. With SEO, your site will rank higher in search engine results against competitors, and this will translate to more visitors going to your website before anyone else’s.

Use the handy Google Adwords Keyword Finder tool to locate keywords that are popular and relevant to your content, and begin incorporating those keywords throughout your webpages in a natural way.

You should also create a keyword-rich title tag that’s specific and descriptive, as this is what will show up when people search for your website. The meta description that goes along with it should also be keyword-rich while clearly and succinctly (most search engines don’t read more than 150 characters in a meta description) explaining what you have to offer.

Once you’ve taken all of these design tips into consideration, you should be able to more easily build an effective, optimized website that users will be able to find and navigate with ease. And this will ultimately help your company succeed as you increase traffic, conversions, and revenue. While on that note, be sure to check out this construction website design by Hook Agency if you happen to be looking to drive sales up for your construction business.

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