Buy Now or Wait? The Tech Products That Will Likely Drop in Price

It’s a common question, particularly around the holiday season: should I buy this pricey tech gift now, or wait until a price drop? Compared to prices for concert tickets, home furniture or travel, tech prices have a habit of coming down — and fast — sometimes in just a few short months. Technology is getting much better … [Read more...]

The Best Techie Holiday Gifts Under $100

Regardless of your budget, you probably have some names on your list that don’t require an extravagantly priced gift. The following list includes a variety of gifts, all under $100, which should appeal to a variety of different tastes and preferences. We’ll start the list with a $100 suggestion, then count down to the … [Read more...]

Nintendo Making Mobile Games, Teases Next “NX” Console

After famously refusing for years to bring its popular gaming portfolio to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Nintendo announced on Tuesday its partnership with Japan’s DeNA—one of the nation's top mobile game publishers—to start making mobile games. In an interesting twist, Nintendo says that it will bring its … [Read more...]

Windows 10: Event Tomorrow, Mobile Preview February

Tomorrow, Microsoft will be holding an event to unveil the next pieces of its Windows 10 strategy. Since late last year, Microsoft has been working with users to shake the kinks out of Windows 10, via a Technical Preview that went live months before the planned consumer release of the new operating system. According to a … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Apple May Bring Out 4-Inch iPhone for Women; Project Ara Will Get a Module Marketplace

Happy Sunday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by for this edition of the Weekend Wrap-Up, where we look at the top tech stories of the past week. Both Apple and Google made headlines during the past seven days. Let's find out why. Apple May Release New 4-Inch iPhone for Females Listen up, women -- Apple may have bumped … [Read more...]

New 12.2-inch iPad, Updated iPad mini Could Launch in Spring 2015

Did you get a great deal on an iPad today? If so, you might want to leave the shrink wrap on until I deliver this news: a larger "iPad Pro" will probably come along in the next couple of months to make your new Air 2 look like a child's toy. 9 to 5 Mac reported on this just a little bit ago, getting a hold of what appear … [Read more...]

It’s Nexus Day: Nexus 9 and Nexus Player Now Selling on Play Store; Nexus 9 Also Selling at Best Buy

Have your heart set on the next generation of Google devices? In the case of the Nexus 9 tablet and the Nexus Player set-top box, you can purchase both starting today; each has gone up for sale on the Google Play Store, according to Android Police. Upon checking the Play Store out, I found that the Nexus 9 is indeed … [Read more...]

The Entry-Level iPad Air 2 Costs About $275 to Build, Says Report

"Affordable" and "Apple" aren't usually two words that end up in the same sentence, but the iPad Air 2 is actually quite affordable... to manufacture, anyway. According to a report published on Re/Code, the entry-level iPad Air 2 -- the model with 16 GB of storage and Wi-Fi-only connectivity -- only costs Apple about … [Read more...]

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