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Has Tim Cook’s Apple Peaked?

Following Apple’s first down quarter in over a decade and mixed reviews for the company’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference, an ominous question is making the rounds. Has Apple peaked? Ask four people this question, and you’ll get four different answers. “Apple peaked when [former CEO Steve] Jobs died,” said … [Read more...]

These 10 Drones Are Totally Worth the Money

When shopping for a drone, racers, enthusiasts, photographers and hobbyists alike must consider more than just cost. Flight time, wingspan, weight and method of control all affect a drone's performance. With an eye on several key data points, the team at SpecOut assembled a list of the top 10 consumer drones in terms of … [Read more...]

The Car Brand With The Best Tech Offerings Will Absolutely Surprise You

As the access for mobile technology continues to rise in demand, car manufacturers are eager to meet this need. Now, it's common to see even the basic models come with an array of tech offerings, like Bluetooth capability. All told, many companies have gone even further to provide vehicles with mobile command centers where … [Read more...]

When It Comes to Smartphones, Experts and Users Often Disagree

When you’re about to buy a new phone, reading expert reviews is a great place to start. The tech geeks at sites like CNET, The Verge, PC Magazine, PC World, and Wired review hundreds of gadgets every year. Most perform laboratory-quality tests. Compared to an AT&T sales clerk or Apple Store rep, tech reviewers also tend … [Read more...]

We Have Liftoff: Top 10 Drones for the 2015 Holiday Season

Drones, defined as unmanned aircrafts controlled by remote control or onboard computers, are an emerging consumer tech industry segment. As such, many of these cool, flying gadgets will be purchased this holiday season for a variety of uses. You may have heard about them and thought they'd make a great gift for the … [Read more...]

The Ultimate 2015 Tech Gift Guide

The fine folks over at SpecOut recently set out to create the ultimate tech gift guide for 2015, with product selections from more than a dozen categories. The gadgets, gizmos and geek-approved devices on this list range from inexpensive ($35) to pricey ($3,000), but they all represent the top tier of their respective … [Read more...]

Buy Now or Wait? The Tech Products That Will Likely Drop in Price

It’s a common question, particularly around the holiday season: should I buy this pricey tech gift now, or wait until a price drop? Compared to prices for concert tickets, home furniture or travel, tech prices have a habit of coming down — and fast — sometimes in just a few short months. Technology is getting much better … [Read more...]

The Best Techie Holiday Gifts Under $100

Regardless of your budget, you probably have some names on your list that don’t require an extravagantly priced gift. The following list includes a variety of gifts, all under $100, which should appeal to a variety of different tastes and preferences. We’ll start the list with a $100 suggestion, then count down to the … [Read more...]

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