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Regardless of your budget, you probably have some names on your list that don’t require an extravagantly priced gift. The following list includes a variety of gifts, all under $100, which should appeal to a variety of different tastes and preferences.

We’ll start the list with a $100 suggestion, then count down to the most inexpensive item of all.

#1. Jawbone UP2

Price: $100

Jawbone was an early entrant in the fitness tracker space and this redesigned version of its basic, full-feature model has been highly reviewed and well received. Most premium trackers at this price level are either less up-to-date or offer less functionality.

#2. Musical Fidelity MF-100

Price: $99

These premium audiophile headphones offer all of the quality of bigger brands without the “big name” markup. The rich sound and full audio range on this pair should impress even the most discerning music lover.

#3. RCA LED19B30RQ

Price: $99

This highly rated HDTV boasts an LED display and full connectivity. While the screen is only 19 inches, for under $100, you are getting a quality machine at a great holiday price.

#4. JBL Flip3

Price: $98

In the world of Bluetooth speakers, this one offers power, range and superior battery life. With wired and wireless options, this can also be a worthy wireless replacement for most wired speakers.

#5. Divoom Voombox Party

Price: $96

This wireless speaker is built for power and battery capacity — a great addition to any outdoor party.

#6. Sennheiser HD 215

Price: $94

Classified as DJ speakers, these should offer sound quality near the top of the range for casual listeners. While not as portable as ear buds and sports headphones, this pair will offer great sound quality for the price.

#7. Ultimate Ears Roll

Price: $90

This water resistant Bluetooth speaker offer great portability and solid playback time. While not as powerful as some options, the compact design is attractive and functional.

#8. Swann QuadForce XCTOY – QVDRON

Price: $90

With a built-in 720p HD camera, this quadcopter drone is ideal for hobbyists and photo buffs. The flight time is limited to eight minutes per flight, but the overall design is solid as soon as you become accustomed to flying it properly.

#9. Fitbit Flex

Price: $88

One of the true pioneer devices of the fitness tracker world, the Fitbit Flex remains one of the most hearty and capable trackers on the market. With the price falling to make way for more complex options from Fitbit, the Flex is a great entry-level premium tracker that will be plenty of product for most users.

#10. Lagavulin 16 Scotch

Price: $88

This 16-year scotch will make a great addition to any scotch-lover’s collection. With a peaty flavor reminiscent of Islays, the smoky finish is unique and unusual.

#11. Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Price: $80

This gaming headset is ideal for the gamer who wants a full immersion and top-tier functionality. Logitech is known for well-made products that are easy to setup and use, and these are no exception.

#12. Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Samba

Price: $80

These studio headphones provide great noise isolation and excellent sound quality at a reasonable price. While not designed for portability, music lovers will appreciate the overall sound quality.

#13. Jabra Move Wireless

Price: $80

These wireless headphones offer a wide range of features for the money, as well as great sound quality. Classified as a travel headphone, the Jabra Move is not the low-cost option — however, the quality warrants the extra price.

#14. Dromida Vista UAV

Price: $80

With a particularly solid flight time for an affordable quadcopter drone (15 minutes), this model does not have a built-in camera, but is a great way to master flying at a cheap price point.

#15. Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Price: $78

These wireless sport headphones are designed for athletes who want to be free of cords and still get a solid sound experience. While not as high in sound quality as over-ear options, these durable, gym-ready headphones are a great gift for the fitness buff on your list.

#16. UDI RC U818A HD

Price: $75

With a wingspan of nearly 19 inches, this quadcopter drone is about average size, but much larger than some of the compact options on this list. While its max flight time is low, the drone is able to record video in full HD — 1080p.

#17. Samsung 850 Evo 120GB

Price: $68

This solid state hard drive will provide plenty of memory for the holidays and beyond. With Samsung’s usual commitment to quality, this drive is faster than most and should exceed expectations in most categories.

#18. Roku 2 (2015)

Price: $67

This streaming media set-top box offers a wide range of free channels, making it more functional than some of the stick-based streaming solutions. Roku offers a wide range of custom functionality that has made it a standout in this space.

#19. Creative Muvo mini

Price: $60

This compact Bluetooth speaker offers a lot of function for its size and price. With above-average playback time and power, this is one of the better small speakers available.

#20. Philips ShoqBox Mini BT2200

Price: $60

While this portable speaker has less battery capacity and playback than some options, Phillips is known for both durability and sound quality. This is a portable speaker to consider for the more rugged recipient.

#21. El Tesoro de Don Felipe Reposado Tequila

Price: $55

This straight drinking tequila offers hints of sweetness and a well-balanced flavor. Reposado tequila, meaning “rested,” is a great way to begin to explore premium tequila meant for drinking rather than mixing.

#22. Fitbit Zip

Price: $54

This “clip-style” fitness tracker offers the same superior functionality that Fitbit is known for in a tracker that clips to your clothes. A great entry-level premium tracker in the segment.

#23. Hubsan X4 H107L

Price: $52

With a 2.2-inch wingspan, this is one of the smallest quadcopter drones available. A great way to learn to fly and have indoor fun, this small device should provide a lot of entertainment this holiday season.

#24. Amazon Fire Tablet (2015)

Price: $50

This tablet from Amazon gives you functionality beyond that of an e-reader for a great price. What’s more, the Fire Tablet is far less expensive than almost any of its rivals.

#25. Hannspree Sports Watch

Price: $45

This ultra-sleek sport watch provides all of the top features at a fraction of the price. It is compatible with multiple operating systems and will give you a great start on post-holiday exercise.

#26. Panasonic SC-NT10D

Price: $40

This portable speaker utilizes Bluetooth to allow wireless playback. While not offering the sound quality or power of wired speakers, this model offers good sound quality at an affordable price.

#27. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Price: $40

This is Amazon’s stick-based entry into the streaming media segment. Noteworthy here is the device’s ability to play media from internal storage as well as from networked options.

#28. Google Chromecast 2

Price: $35

Google’s entry into streaming media functions with the usual efficiency of all of their products. While Chromecast lacks some features of more expensive versions, this product just works and is built to last. The recent upgrades make it faster, but not drastically more feature-intensive than the previous model.

#29. Google Chromecast Audio

Price: $35

This version of Google’s streaming device is specifically targeted at music lovers, providing functionality to enhance the audio experience.

#30. Jawbone Up Move

Price: $30

This clip-style fitness tracker is both inexpensive and convenient. With a 182-day battery life, this is a truly hassle-free option with full functionality.

This post originally appeared on SpecOut on November 20, 2015 and was republished here with permission.

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