The Best Techie Holiday Gifts Under $100

Regardless of your budget, you probably have some names on your list that don’t require an extravagantly priced gift. The following list includes a variety of gifts, all under $100, which should appeal to a variety of different tastes and preferences. We’ll start the list with a $100 suggestion, then count down to the … [Read more...]

The Under $99 Gift Guide for Everyone

The last time I put together a holiday gift guide was back in 2012. I tried to cast a wide net that year, pulling in as many categories of tech products as I possibly could. Unfortunately, if you walked in not knowing what to get someone, you probably left feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm hoping to avoid a similar … [Read more...]

Evidence of Big Surface and Kindle Holiday Sales Reported

This past fall, Microsoft took a look at its foundering Surface tablet fortunes and decided to double down with a  follow-up, the aptly named Surface 2 line of devices. While the company hasn’t released any information about the Surface 2’s sales, it did sound as though it was doing pretty well shortly after its launch. … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays from BestTechie!

I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a great new year on behalf of BestTechie!  This year has been a great for BestTechie, we have grown so much and added a lot of excellent people to our staff.  Over the past year not only has the amount of high quality content we produce increased … [Read more...]

Video: Spruce Up Your Holiday With These Apps

With the holiday season in full swing and one of its biggest contenders, Christmas, mere hours away, we at BestTechie gathered some of our favorite apps for you to enjoy during these chilly winter weeks.  It's all in the video included in this article. Here's all the links for everything mentioned in the … [Read more...]

Uber Offering Christmas Tree Delivery Tomorrow and Tomorrow Only

Uber, the startup transportation company that’s normally known for connecting taxi-needing citizens with for-hire citizen drivers, is getting deeper into the home delivery business. After the success of its ice cream on-demand service this summer, the company is preparing to launch its latest seasonal endeavor : Christmas … [Read more...]

What Recession? 2010 Holiday Sales Were Higher Than Expected.

There are very few people who would argue that the United States is in the best financial shape possible.  Over the last few years, our economy has been scary to say the least.  This less-than-desirable economy has had an effect on the holiday shopping season in years past, but it appears that this year is showing signs of … [Read more...]

MacHeist Giving Tree

MacHeist is giving away free Mac software this holiday season. Check it out at Mac Giving Tree.  If you are a Mac user or know someone who is a Mac user this is a great and legal way to get some awesome free software for OSX.  All you need to do is sign-up and refer a few friends.  Once they sign-up, you will be able to … [Read more...]

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