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Yesterday, millions of people all over the world tore open their presents to uncover what goodies were hiding beneath that wrapping paper that’s been tormenting them for days, it not, weeks. This is Christmas 2016, so of course, technology has become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives and if the App Store rankings are a sign of popularity (I think they are), here are a few of the big winners this holiday season (these rankings are US only):

Screenshot from Product Hunt.

Super Mario Run was (finally) knocked off the #1 spot on the App Store charts by Fitbit, indicating that (like last year), many people received Fitbit’s this holiday season. I think it’s safe to assume that Fitbit is the winner of this year’s holiday season gift unwrapping competition.

Everyone’s favorite home AI, Amazon Alexa, jumped to #4 in the charts, while its new competitor, Google Home, moved to #30.

Meanwhile, VR also proved to be quite popular this year, with VR apps taking spots #15 through #24 including, Google Cardboard, Discovery VR, Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR), and VR HORROR.

So who won this year’s Christmas? I think the big two based on these app rankings are Fitbit and Amazon. I also think it looks promising for VR/AR — we’re still in early days with this tech, but to see such positive adoption occurring already is a promising sign for companies who are making big bets on both VR/AR.

(via App Annie.)

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