We Have Liftoff: Top 10 Drones for the 2015 Holiday Season

Drones, defined as unmanned aircrafts controlled by remote control or onboard computers, are an emerging consumer tech industry segment. As such, many of these cool, flying gadgets will be purchased this holiday season for a variety of uses. You may have heard about them and thought they'd make a great gift for the … [Read more...]

7 Thoughtful Tech Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

The best gifts are those bought with the wants of the recipients in mind, and in 2015 that means a whole lot of tech. Two thirds of Americans plan to give gadgets this holiday season according to a survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association. Meanwhile a majority of Millennials are hoping to find tech under the … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: Best High Tech Gadgets for Kids

I know, I know.  We want our kids to play outside and read books and socialize, but sometimes it's ok for them to kick back and have some fun on those gadgets (that moms and dads are already addicted to).  Here are some fun high-tech gift ideas for kids this holiday season that are arguably educational. DigiTools: … [Read more...]

The Ten Best Tech Gifts for Under $100

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and you know what that means - last minute gift shopping! But what if I told you that you didn't have to wait until the last minute, and that you could find something awesome for the technology aficionado right now with this handy list? Now, what if I told you that everything on here is … [Read more...]

In Time for the Holidays, CleverCards Launches With Social Gifting Goodness

From birthday card app to social gifting company, that's the move Cleverbug is making today as it rebrands its flagship greeting card app.  The update to the greeting card app now known as CleverCards, allows users to create personalized photo-based greeting cards with just a few taps on their smartphones.  All cards can be … [Read more...]

The Best Tech Gifts for 2009

The BestTechie chatroom and I compiled a list of the top tech gifts for 2009.  We tried to accomodate both Mac and PC users as well as anyone in between.  If you have any additional gift ideas for a techie feel free to leave a comment! Operating Systems: Windows 7 (Professional) - Retail: $299 Amazon: $262 Snow … [Read more...]

World’s Most Expensive Holiday Card

CNET UK’s Chris Stevens has made like Martha Stewart and come up with a step-by-step video (see above) teaching you how to turn your old tech into the most expensive Christmas (or holiday) card in the world.  Get this!  It uses an iPhone in the card itself.  It's pretty slick. Granted you need to have a spare iPhone … [Read more...]

Geek Gifts For Valentines Day

Having trouble finding gifts to get for your geek love for Valentines Day? Check out the list of geek gift ideas below to help you with your quest - it's not too late! A domain and website - Your geek loves to share the latest news or random bits about their life? Get them the gift that keeps on giving with a domain and … [Read more...]

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