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Happy Sunday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by for this edition of the Weekend Wrap-Up, where we look at the top tech stories of the past week.

Both Apple and Google made headlines during the past seven days. Let’s find out why.

Apple May Release New 4-Inch iPhone for Females

Listen up, women — Apple may have bumped up the display sizes on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but it’s not going to leave you, and what it believes are your tiny lady hands, in the lurch. Rumor has it that Apple plans on releasing a new device with a 4-inch display, and it’s doing so specifically to target female customers who find the newer iPhone 6 models too large. It’s reportedly arriving sometime in the second half of 2015 — we’ll undoubtedly hear more as we close in on that time.

project-ara-mdk-1Project Ara Will Get a Marketplace for Modules

Google’s “Project Ara” is quite fascinating. It wants to create the same modular world that we currently have with PCs today, but for smartphones. And while that sounds cool, we weren’t quite sure how sales would work for the modules. It appears we now have an answer, as a company called Globant has announced a partnership with Google to bring a Project Ara module marketplace to life. We’ll keep you up to date as we learn more.

LTE-Enabled Nexus 9 Shows Up at T-Mobile

Google’s Nexus 9 has been out for several weeks now, but the release of the 9’s LTE model lagged just a little behind. If you want Google’s newest flagship slate with built in cellular connectivity, we have some good news for you — it’s now available. T-Mobile is the first carrier to sell the LTE-enabled Nexus 9 tablet, and it’s doing so for $0 down and $24.99 per month. That works out to around $600 for that model, which includes 32 GB of storage.

Apple Getting Strict with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Case Standards

If you’re an accessory maker for Apple, it’s quite certain the company is starting to… get on your case (YEAHHHH). Apple has released new standards for those who make officially licensed iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases, essentially requiring drop protection from falls of 1 meter or less. If the cases can’t do the job, they can’t use the “Made for iPhone” logo. Apple may have gotten a little beat up by the Bend-ghazi scandal, but it appears the company is taking proactive measures to make sure iPhone 6 models are sufficiently protected from other issues.

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