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Best Buy Stops MacBook Air Shipments

Best Buy, who is one of Apple’s largest resellers, has stopped the shipment of MacBook Airs, while Amazon says their stock is ‘Low’. This is usually a sign of an upcoming refresh. It seems like it was yesterday that the Air’s got their newer, sexy design, but a refresh is due. The internet has been flooded with rumors of new Airs, Mac Pros, and iMacs possibly coming in July.

The main upgrade for the MacBook Air would be a newer processors, and of course, OSX Lion. The Air is one of my favorite Apple laptops, because they are just so darn sexy. I would most definitely buy a new Air if they are upgraded with a more powerful Sandy Bridge processor from Intel. An upgrade in the Mac Pro line also seems imminent.

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Rumor: Apple iPhone Coming to T-Mobile?

Time and time again we have heard rumors that the Apple iPhone is or was going to be made available for use on the Verizon mobile network.  This is because of a great lack of satisfaction on the part of current and prospective iPhone owners who were unhappy with the device being limited to the AT&T network.  However, each and every time a rumor of these sort surfaced, the iPhone always remained exclusive to AT&T’s network.  But now, rumors are now surfacing the the iPhone will indeed be made available another wireless network; T-Mobile.

While it’s unclear exactly where this rumor has originated from, it is claimed that the notion of the famed iPhone becoming available on the T-Mobile network has supposedly been validated by an unnamed high-roller at T-Mobile.  Previous rumors about iPhone carriers have lead us to be weary of this kind of rumor, however if this particular rumor is true, the iPhone (now in version 4), will be made available on T-Mobiles wireless network within the first half of 2011, and possibly as early as autumn of this year.

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iPhone 4G Rumors Guide

Even though everyone is speculating on the Apple Tablet announcement which is supposedly occuring next week, people haven’t forgotten about the iPhone (and for good reason).  The iPhone 4G (if you will) will supposedly sport an OLED display, 5-megapixel camera and a release date between May and July.  Those appear to be the most likely rumors and they are definitely plausible given Apple’s release history and current trends in the mobile market.

A few other rumors that are ranking high in the lists are a front-facing camera, dual-core processor with more RAM and a touch-sensitive case.  A French site has put together a visual guide of the iPhone 4G rumors to date and the likelihood of them occurring. (visual after the jump)

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Apple Shuts Down Fingerworks. More Apple Tablet Rumors Fly.

Today, Apple has removed all of the content from Fingerworks.com. It has essentially been shut down, five years after Apple purchased the company. According to MacRumors, up until last week, Fingerworks.com retained photographs and details about their multi-touch keyboards and gesture pads they released for Macs years ago. I’m sure you can put two and two together.

Could Apple plan to use some of their technology as peripheral devices?  Perhaps a multi-touch pad of some sort?  After all, we are all expecting some kind of multi-touch in this new Apple Tablet.  Additionally, we have heard information that there is supposedly a learning curve to the Apple Tablet so perhaps multi-touch pads are entirely possible.  There really isn’t much like that, though I guess the Macbook and Macbook Pro’s trackpad has some multi-touch built in as well.  We shall see.

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