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Apple has been working diligently each year to to improve the consumer experience for the iPhone since 2007. And that’s no different for 2019–there are already a number of rumors are flying around for next years (2019) iPhone, some of which, if true, will surely make you want to sell your old iPhone and upgrade.

So without further ado, here are some of the rumored specifications and features that are expected to appear in the upcoming iPhone.

A13 Bionic Chip

Apple has always been working on the processing speeds of its iPhones, and that is the only reason it works in collaboration with Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) for years. According to the industry analysis, Apple is successfully continuing its collaboration with TSMC and that won’t be changing any time soon.

This A13 Bionic Chip would definitely be better than the A12 Bionic Chip used in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. If the past is any indicator, the Apple chip team has been moving very quickly when it comes to improvements to its line of processors. The A13 Bionic Chip is likely no exception and will result in better processor performance and better graphics quality.

With the evolution in the bionic chip, Apple will also improve its work on the neural engine in its iPhones, which makes the use of AR apps more faster and more efficient.

Triple Rear Cameras

It has been rumored that Apple is looking for launching triple lenses for the camera in its 2019 iPhone release. As we all know, Apple loves to focus on the quality of the iPhones camera each year so this does sound plausible. 

Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu reported in May, 2018 that Apple is planning to launch triple lens camera in at least one of the iPhones that would be launched in 2019. 3D sensing is what Apple is going for in the next year’s release of iPhone. The three lenses would have different capabilities; two of the sensors would capture the shots from different angle. This would make the image even better than any of the Smartphones currently available in the market.

Apple’s main focus for launching triple lens camera is improvement in the augmented-reality experience through iPhone. Apple is doing its best so far to enhance the user experience through its cameras that would allow the augmented-reality to be felt like never before.

Apart from 3D sensing, the third lens is rumored to come with a 3x optical zoom, if this is true then this would make the newest model of iPhone to offer the best zoom yet. Currently, the latest launched iPhones have a 2x optical zoom.

TrueDepth Front Camera Improvements

Some other rumors about the 2019 iPhone make us look into the front camera of iPhone as well. Apple is rumored to be changing the front-facing TrueDepth camera system that would enhance the users’ experience of using Face ID technology.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo; Apple is looking into featuring a new flood illuminator that would help in enhancing the feature of Face ID. This flood illuminator would help in ignoring the impact of the invisible light from the environment. This invisible light is proving to be a problem for iPhone users in the current models of iPhone. 

Apple is also looking forward to introduce a smaller notch by integrating the Face ID sensors and the FaceTime camera into a single module for face recognition.

Apple Pencil for iPhone

Though not from a credible source, but Apple is looking forward to launch Apple Pencil (stylus) with its upcoming iPhones.

The Korea Herald’s sources predict that Apple is up for launching Apple Pencil in its upcoming launch of 2019. Just as the other mobile phones, Apple is also looking forward for the ease of the users from launching this new stylus that would be compatible with the upcoming models of iPhone.

If Apple launched Apple Pencil for the iPhone in the coming years, it might be a popular addition for some consumers (especially those who are fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of smartphones) but I’m not sure it’s as big a deal as the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. That being said, there’s definitely a group of people who would think,”I should sell my iPhone to upgrade to the latest model!” just to be able to use the Apple Pencil on their iPhone.

OLED Displays for All

In 2018, Apple launched the latest models of iPhone; iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. In 2017, before the launch of these models, it was rumored that Apple would include OLED in all of its upcoming mobile phones. But we can see from these three models; it didn’t happen. iPhone XS and XS Max possess OLED technology but unfortunately iPhone XR offers the normal LCD for the users.

Despite of the launch of iPhone XR with LCD, it is expected by the reports of ETNews that next year all three of the predicted releases by Apple would consist of OLED technology. But if in case, Apple decides to launch four models in 2019, then it might happen that the cheapest one amongst those might consist of an LCD.

Goodbye 3D Touch

Apple analyst, Kuo, predicted that Apple would exclude the feature of 3D touch from its upcoming iPhone models. Apple introduced the 3D touch feature since the launch of iPhone 6S, and this feature meant to help the users in providing them with more contextual menus while using the apps. This feature is included in every model of iPhone that was launched after the launch of iPhone 6s.

Despite of all the hype of this feature back then when iPhone 6S was launched, this feature didn’t help most of the users in anything. Apple is finding the feature too expensive to be incorporated in its iPhone, and according to the users’ reviews; they don’t use this feature often.

So, for minimizing the manufacturing costs of iPhones and to increase the profit, Apple is considering to eliminate this feature from the upcoming models of iPhone.

5G Connectivity

At first, there were rumors about the addition of the 5G connectivity in 2019 launch of iPhones. But unfortunately, this rumor isn’t true! Although Intel revealed its XMM 8160 modem which is able to support 5G connectivity, but it doesn’t expect to ad this technology to the 2019 iPhone model. Don’t worry; the good news is that Intel is planning to add this technology in the later model of iPhones that would be launched after 2019.

These are some of the rumors about the specifications of iPhone 2019. We hope that all of these rumors prove to be true. In addition to the rumors, there are some other things that some consumers want Apple to add to the upcoming iPhones as well. Here are the top two requests:

In-Screen Finger Print Sensor

By reviews of iPhone users, they don’t really need a Face ID to unlock their device. The thing that they want the most is the fingerprint scanner that was excluded from iPhone since the launch of iPhone X.

What people really want is a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen of iPhone that would make their touch experience even better. Some of the other mobile phone manufacturers have already done that and people love that even more than the Face ID feature in the latest iPhones.

Apple can reduce costs by removing the feature of Face ID and including an embedded touch ID in the screen of its upcoming iPhone models. But by looking at the improvements that Apple is trying to make in its Face ID feature, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Touch ID make a comeback.

No Notch

Apple should seriously consider excluding the notch from its upcoming iPhones. The major issue that people are having here is the visibility of the screen. When watching a video, the notch comes in between the screen and makes distractions. Also while using apps with white backgrounds, the notch tend to be a distraction for the users. While I certainly believe that Apple is working towards eventually removing the notch, the fact is, the technology just isn’t there yet so we’re likely still a ways off from a notch-less future.

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