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Here is some tasty news for all Apple TV lovers, according to some new FCC documents a brand new Apple TV may be coming to your living room soon.  As you know, TV is currently Apple’s favorite hobby and with the rumors swirling lately about an actual Apple TV, a refresh to the slightly dated Apple TV unit makes sense.

While the documents don’t reveal anything too juicy about the upcoming model, such as potential Siri support, motion control, or anything really special, I find it hard believe that this will be a small update.  The last Apple TV update was rather small with the major feature addition being the added support for 1080p video, so I do expect some new stuff in the new release.

In addition to hoping for new features, it would definitely make sense for Apple upgrade the Apple TV to an A5X processor to speed it up and offer support for new features (such as, you know, Siri).  And as with many Apple products, the new Apple TV is appears to be smaller, measuring in at a 93.78mm square compared to the 98mm of the current model.

With 2 million Apple TVs sold in Apple’s last quarter, it would appear Apple’s little hobby is turning into a nice business.  So when should you expect this new Apple TV?  Soon.  Very soon, I would expect.

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