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How To: Sync Your Flickr Photos to Facebook

Want an easy way to transport your photos off Flickr?  Well, one Twitter user (@Digeratii) found a simple web service which allows you to sync your Flickr photos to your Facebook account.  The service is called PhotoSync and is dead simple to setup.  Simply go to the website and give the service access to your Facebook and Flickr accounts and you’re able to sync.

You can customize the settings which allow you to control which Flickr sets you would like to sync.  So if you didn’t want all of your Flickr photos on Facebook, you can easily sync only individual sets of photos.  Additionally, you can configure Facebook privacy settings for the photos being synced.  However, by default, it will use your default privacy settings on Facebook.

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Flicker.com Attempts To Capitalize With Its Correctly Spelled Name

Many people are familiar with Flickr, the popular image sharing site owned by Yahoo, but, how many actually know the difference between Flickr and Flicker (with the e)?  Well, it seems many people (approximately 3.6 million) are not aware of the difference.  Flicker.com was registered in 1998 which is approximately five years before Flickr.com was registered for use as the image sharing service in 2003.

According to the stats published on the front page of Flicker.com, they are receiving 3.6 million unique visits per year. Of that 3.6 million, over 95% of those visits come from direct navigation. In other words, people who want to go to Flickr.com but don’t realize it’s spelled without the “e” are typing in Flicker.com to the address bar only to find a message that the site is “down for maintenance”.

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