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You may have heard that starting next week Flickr (remember them?) will be rolling out a brand new redesign of the site. As the much needed Flickr redesign news made its way across the web along with some screenshots, the Microsoft SkyDrive team took notice of some real similarities between their own site and the new Flickr.

So what did the SkyDrive team do? Well, they sent out a tweet to Flickr calling them out. The tweet read, “Hey @flickr. Nice redesign! Looks familiar.… Another idea: let Flickr users download their original photos for free.” Zing!

You can see for yourself, I’ve included the comparison screenshot and a screenshot of the tweet below (just in case).

Flickr Looks Like SkyDrive

Skydrive to flickr tweet

By the way, I’m with the SkyDrive team, Flickr really should allow no-pro users to download their photos and not hold them hostage. That’s just dirty.

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