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Special Deal: 50% off RapidWeaver + Giveaway!

A few months ago, we reviewed a piece of software called RapidWeaver by Realmac Software. We liked it.  For those of you who are not familiar with RapidWeaver, it’s a web design suite.  It allows users to create a unique and crisp website without the need of taking a web-design classes to use it.  RapidWeaver typically sells for $79.99, however, we have a great deal for you.

AppSumo is offering 50% off the price of RapidWeaver (this weekend only)!  That’s essentially a $40 savings.  So how do you access the deal?  Simply enter your email on the AppSumo site and you will be able to gain access to this deal along with any other deals they have now or in the future.  At risk of sounding like a bad infomercial, but wait there’s more!

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Make Awesome Website Even More Awesome? Challenge Accepted.

I’m not one who likes to rest on their laurels which is why I’m constantly looking for ways to improve everything I do. Of course, that includes BestTechie. So I’ve contracted an excellent web developer to make some awesome revisions to BestTechie. Now, I like the current (overall) design of the site, I think it fits and works well, but that’s not to say certain things couldn’t be improved.

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RapidWeaver Review

In this day in age, small businesses and organizations need to have a company website in order to maintain their professional image and attract new clients and customers.  Personal websites – biographies, portfolios, resumes, etc. – are even becoming a standard for professional individuals as well.  However, the sad reality is that websites can be quite a challenge to build, making it difficult for small businesses and individuals to attain their own home on the vast Internet.  Sure, one can easily learn various web technologies such as HTML/PHP, CSS, and JavaScript to build a site from the ground up, but the fact of the matter is that many people simply lack the time to follow through with such a project.

This is where the concept of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web utilities emerged from.  By allowing less technically experienced users to build sites with a simple graphical-based utility, these utilities aim at making it easy for end-users to develop their own websites with minimal time or effort.  While this sounds like a great concept in theory, one of the big problems that I have seen with such websites is that they often-times are either overly complex for those without previous web design experience, or as a polar opposite do not give the user the level of flexibility or control that he or she needs to design a meaningful website.

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Bored Guy Codes A Free Gawker WordPress Theme

Last week, Gawker Media revamped its entire network of sites web designs (e.g. Lifehacker, Gizmodo).  Despite a ton of criticism (including from myself), Gawker has kept the new design implemented.  But it appears that some people may actually like the new design.  This past weekend a bored web developer decided to create a free and open source version of the new Gawker Media theme for WordPress.

The Gawker look-a-like theme is named Qawker and can be downloaded for free.  Sahas Katta, the web developer who created the theme says on his blog where he announced the theme, “I was a little bored and had some free time on my hand this weekend, so I decided to code an equivalent theme for WordPress users. Within about six hours and a few breaks, I had a nearly perfect replica without having to look at a line of their code.”

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