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Most experts assert that conversion rates are the bread and butter of all online businesses, and we can’t help but agree. However, it’s not always straightforward or quick to design a website from scratch, particularly in regards to themes. Whether you lack creativity, or whether you’re not as tech-savvy as you’d like to portray yourself, it can be hard knowing where to begin.

To help you with this task, we have selected five WordPress themes that will do the job for you. In fact, each of the ideas we will present has been specially designed to achieve the maximum conversion rate–using strategic ways of emphasizing on your content, user-friendliness, grabbing attention, and offering increased functionality.

Before we dig into the themes, you’ll first need to choose a hosting package. This is where you should be smart and use coupons codes, here is an example of how to get 75% off when you host your WordPress site with Bluehost.

Theme 1: Solopreneur

Elegant, clean, and easy to navigate, this is one of the most used themes for maximum conversion rates. What we love about it is that it keeps things simple, clutter-free, and almost minimal.

Moreover, Solopreneur is SEO-optimized so as to guarantee that you will receive high search engine ranking. Another excellent benefit is that this theme responds incredibly well to mobile devices, and even comes equipped with customizable options.

Among our favorites, Solopreneur boasts favicons, fun social media icons, designed logos, and much more. It also won’t affect the overall speed of your website, reducing bounce rates substantially. Further equipped with two landing pages that emphasize on calling customers to action, their theme elegantly promotes products and helps you achieve a sizable and useful email list.

Theme 2: The Essence

Compared to the more classic look of Solopreneur, the Essence is both flexible and incredibly chic. In other words, if your website features a creative persona, this is the ideal theme for exposing your imagination and out-of-the-box concepts.

At the same time, you won’t need to worry about your conversion rates, as the Essence is designed to help with this. Its lightweight design is meant to ensure that your site’s performance won’t be affected, featuring an entirely responsive design that looks high-end and expensive.

Plus, there are over 17 different blog layouts to choose from, meaning that you can play around and ask others what looks best–finding the combination that best suits your ideas. Moreover, the Essence features and integrated social sharing icons are meant to encourage any and all readers to share your beautiful content on their social profiles.

Last but not least, there are numerous theme packs promo boxes that also encourage readers to visit the different categories on your site, or spend time catching up on your blog posts. Overall, a fantastic alternative!

Theme 3: Landing

Possibly one of the most stunning features offered by the Landing theme is the drag ‘n drop builder which we have been accustomed to from all the other Themify projects. This premium conversion-focused theme is unbelievably versatile and flexible, offering you a suitable range of tools with which you can create and alter dedicated page as you deem fit. In other words, Landing will make the process of highlighting your process quick and simple, all while the whole thing will be as eye candy.

Another factor which makes this theme stand out from the crowd is the additional 25 built-in layout you can pick from. Not only will you be able to adapt this to your agency business, but also to bookstores, marketing companies, personal page, events, apps, and even e-commerce sites.

Equipped with a plethora of flexible themes that come with a custom portfolio, integration, post options, header templates, WooCommerce integration and much more, Landing is both SEO and speed optimized.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this theme comes with several hook content (i.e., ads or banners), built-in support for Google fonts, social media icons, and other cute little extras.

Theme 4: Luxe

Featuring a silky-smooth design which beautifully complements the rich typography of the theme, Luxe is designed to be conversion-focused. Similar to all the other Thrive Themes we know and love, Luxe is built with the idea of accommodating for high load speeds and mobile friendliness.

Moreover, packing five elegant landing pages along with an impressive inventory of shortcodes made for quotes, tables, boxes and more, this theme focuses heavily on visual elements.

Theme 5: Launchkit

Stunning, simple, and quite balanced, Launchkit incorporates the feel of premium designs with the high-end experience which will be felt by all users visiting your site. The point is to convert your visitors faster than your average WordPress theme, and it delivers.

Equipped with meticulously designed content blocks and a veritable host of configurations that includes attractive little things such as a seven-footer layout, three header types, A/B testing support, and much more, there are multiple customizable aspects to this theme.

Overall, you’ll have the complete package: all the tools you need to hook the reader and transform your website into a conversion machine.

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