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Often times you need to upload a picture or graphic to show your friends or family but which image hosting service is the best? I personally like flickr and twitpic. However, there are many others out there including imageshack (one of the most popular image hosting sites), photobucket, redbubble (geared towards photographers and graphic designers), and deviantart (geared towards more artistic people).

Those are just a select handful of the many of services available.  All of them offer free storage space to host images and a number of them also offer pro versions of their service which may include traffic statistics, more storage space, and other assorted niceties.

Flickr Pro costs $25/year (not bad at all) and provides unlimited space and in-depth traffic stats. I use Flickr mainly for photos I take with my Nikon D40 and TwitPic (which is completely free) for photos I take with my iPhone want to share via Twitter.

RedBubble is also completely free, however, it also allows you to sell your photos and graphics.  They keep a percentage and you get some commission per sale.  You can check out Mandy’s account here (feel free to buy something!) to get a better idea of the service.  Similarly to RedBubble, Deviantart also allows the sale of photos and graphics.  DeviantArt also has a subscription based service which you can pay for on a per year basis.

Imageshack and Photobucket are two of the largest image hosting sites on the web and provide a lot of the same features as the others.  I personally do not use these services very often, but they are great for a quick image upload such as screen shot.

Which image hosting service do you use?  Leave a comment!

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