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By now you have likely seen the revamped Flickr, which includes a brand new design and a 1TB free storage offering that is tough to rival.  With that much storage space available, I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be if someone created an extension/app that would allow you to turn Flickr into a cloud drive for files other than just photos.  Similar apps have been created in the past, the most relevant one I can think of is the Gmail Drive shell extension, which turned your Gmail account into a cloud drive that you could access from your computer.

While I think this would be a really cool idea, I do realize there may be some inherent issues.  When it comes to Gmail, any kind of file could potentially be an attachment, so that makes it easier.  Unfortunately, Flickr can tell when a file you try to upload isn’t an image file, so you would need to come up with a way to trick Flickr into accepting a file that isn’t an image.

If this is even possible, I’m not sure — but it would be cool if it was.  It would be even cooler if it was able to be done and Yahoo allowed it.

Even if there was no way to get Flickr to allow non-image files, I would settle for just having the ability to browse through your Flickr photos in some kind of file browser, similar to that of Google Drive and Dropbox.  It would also be great if you could use folders as a way to easily create Flickr Sets within the file browser, because when you’re dealing with that many images, things can definitely get a bit messy.

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