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Evernote CEO: iOS More Profitable Than Android and Web

No matter what industry or market you’re looking at, you will always find that businesses and companies invest a great deal of capital and effort in determining the most profitable target audience(s) that they feel they will see a higher return on investment by marketing and selling the goods or services to.  Historically, this practice has been a relatively simple matter of determining the largest group of people who had a need or use for a particular product and investing on their impressions.

However, in the heart of the technological age we have seen that targeting a larger audience doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high ROI.  Rather, the specific characteristics and attributes of people within the audience groups ultimately determine how profitable a specific venture will be.  Recently we have seen a very well-documented example of this phenomenon with the “freemium” Evernote service after CEO Phil Libin discussed the company’s primary focus on iOS-based devices, which ultimately pay off better in the long-run.

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