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Twitter DDoS Song

Twitter-based songs are nothing new, but, that didn’t stop me from creating my own based on the recent DDoS attacks against Twitter and other social services such as Facebook.  Twitter seemed to have suffered the worse with regards to being able to mitigate the attack.  Their servers were completely inaccessible for quite some time on and off spanning over a two day period.

Downtime on Twitter is nothing new as many tweeters are familiar with.  If you are relatively new to Twitter then you’ll understand what I’m talking about sooner or later, unless, of course, Twitter figures out a way to manage their servers.

The song is based on “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem.  I liked it so I recorded it.  I know I can’t sing so save those comments! Anyway, watch the video and if you like it feel free to share it around the web. I have included the lyrics below.

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