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Even with all the obvious advances, technology is still progressing at a rate that most people don’t fully comprehend. Innovations related to artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning are barreling down the pike at a rapid pace, with the Internet of Things and Big Data applications primed to really hit warp speed soon.

Today, the ongoing day-to-day utility of this progress for most people amounts to time savings and convenience. Such developments shouldn’t be discounted. By making the small things in life easier, people have more hours in the day and more mental energy to devote to the truly important aspects of life, like family, staying healthy, professional development and finding some downtime to relax.

There are many tech-related strategies to help you maximize the time you have to devote to things you truly care about. The following represent some of the best ways to prioritize efficiency and productivity.

Find Apps that Work for You

Using smartphones apps and tools is a key way many people are getting things done more efficiently. You can easily manage your schedule to keep track of appointments, meetings and key dates through Google Calendar, for example, and task manager tools make maintaining “To Do” lists a snap.

Don’t overlook the simple advantages of banking apps to manage your finances on the go or note-taking and productivity apps like OneNote and Evernote. Though many people have started to take such things for granted, the time savings offered can be substantial and the ability to keep track of everything from your phone is often a life saver when away from home.

Use Digital Assistants

The more tasks you can do digitally that once required physical intervention or a pen and paper, the more time you will have to do other things. Digital home assistants, for example, are giving people the ability to play music, check the weather, follow a recipe and much, much more without so much as touching a button.

More and more people are making their lives easier by using Alexa or Google Home to schedule appointments, buy things in seconds through Amazon, and even send emails. Though talking to a robotic assistants may take a little bit of getting used to, most people are quickly amazed at how much easier everything becomes when you can do so much with just voice commands.

Get Ready for Warp Speed — What Is 5G?

Those who want an increasingly efficient lifestyle should always be on the lookout for new time-saving technologies. Because as much as things have progressed, this will all only advance further as 5G comes online. What is 5G? 5G is the next-generation evolution of mobile connectivity, and it will make connection speeds much faster (with multi-gigabyte-per-second peak rates) and add massive capacity to the network beginning in 2019.

This won’t just make your phone work better and productivity apps load quicker — it will help power a true Internet of Things revolution. Your appliances and devices will soon all talk to one another, like a refrigerator that can order milk when the carton runs low, for example. On top of all this, we will start to see more immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences that could assist in everything from learning new skills to picking out clothes in the morning.

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Technology as a Time Saver

Free time is something none of us ever have enough of. We’re always racing out the door or sacrificing things we would prefer to do in order to take care of errands and busy work.

In all honesty, we will probably always feel like we need more hours in the day, but today’s tech tools can at least help in the fight to win some back. Be sure to use productivity apps that fit into your lifestyle; consider installing an in-home digital assistant to help around the house, and keep an eye out for the 5G advances that will start to appear over the next year.

If you stay on the edge of today’s best options and continue to be an early adopter of the new innovations just over the horizon, you too can finally start seeing some real time savings every day. Lastly, check out these productivity apps 2020.

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