EvernoteRemember when people used to carry around notebooks and pencils? This was important for folks who needed to take notes at any moment—better write that thought or observation down before it’s forgotten. But these days, everyone’s got a pretty powerful computer somewhere within reach, either on a desk at home or in your pocket (you know, the thing that’s also a phone). But even though these pieces of hardware can record and save your thoughts in text, that doesn’t mean that the software that lets you do it is always ideal. Fortunately, there’s Evernote, a supremely useful app that will let you keep that notebook at home for good.

Evernote is available for all major platforms—iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. But while that’s good enough in terms of giving users lots of options, the app actually syncs your files across all your devices as long as they’re connected to the Internet. The user interface also gives easy-to-use options for creating new, separate notebooks and different entries in those notebooks. Remember when you used to have a binder or spiral notebook with separate tabs for different subjects? Evernote gets that done right off the bat.

The note-taking itself is also really easy. The text-editor works just like a typical word processor, with options for font, alignment, text color—everything you’ll need to take notes with a keyboard. Using a stylus and writing notes by hand isn’t quite as easy, but as long as you’ve got keys to tap, you should be fine.

Evernote also supports audio recordings and photos. If you’re at a meeting and want to take notes, you can record while you type, meaning that you’ll be able to keep track of both the audio and written record of what was said. If someone presents an important slide, you can snap a picture and save it to your notes. Either way, Evernote lets you keep track of everything.

There are also robust sharing options built in, with the ability to share your notes via Facebook and Twitter, as well as through email. Evernote also has its own built-in sharing option, letting other Evernote users collaborate on notebooks and documents.

There’s a premium version of Evernote that costs $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year—a savings of about $1.25 a month. While you can get by with the free version, the paid version provides options to add passwords, gives you offline access, the ability to search within documents, past versions of notes, and improved sharing features. Whether you decide to stick with free or to shell out a few bucks a month for the premium experience, Evernote is a great option for anyone who needs to take a lot of notes.

Key Features

  • The free version of Evernote syncs across multiple devices, so as long as you’ve got access to the web, you’re good to go.
  • Audio-visual integration lets you record a meeting’s discussion and snap photos directly into your note, so you’ll never lose important details.
  • Sharing options give users the ability to collaborate on notebooks and make changes on the fly.

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