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These days, extra productivity for your business is there for the taking. Simply by switching from old technologies your team has been using for years to new alternatives can be the difference between hours on a single task and minutes.

As more and more people in business right now use Macs, due to their wide support for cutting-edge apps, we’ve chosen seven such examples that could completely overhaul your business productivity.

1. Setapp

Your first tool of choice in improving how your company works needs to be something that could cover 80 percent of all frequent requests, whether it is managing finances, converting files to other formats, or creating expandable text shortcuts. Ideally one platform should cover this all.

Setapp is a collection of more than 130 useful Mac apps and utilities that everyone in your company would have access to. There’s something to make anyone’s work better. Just browse through the app collection or search Setapp for a specific solution without getting distracted from the task at hand.

2. Todoist

When was the last time you really had an idea what all your team members are working on? Priorities change, emergencies come up, and some things take longer than expected. Controlling it all should be on the top of your list.

Todoist is the easiest task manager that fits your whole team. Unlike other complex project management tools, Todoist focuses on the basics: who needs to do what and by when. Try to simply create tasks for the week with your team and then check in daily to see what everyone is busy with.

3. Evernote

With so much information going through our minds, your business absolutely needs a central source of truth — a place where everything essential is being recorded and referenced later.

Evernote is an information hub for your company, which can store audio notes, images, business cards, handwritten reminders, and more. Everything anyone puts into Evernote instantly becomes searchable and available for your whole team. Now onboarding is going to be easy as pie!

4. Alfred

It’s likely that people in your company are controlling their Macs like most users, through a combination of Touch Bar, Mac menu bar, System Preferences, Finder, and Spotlight. But there’s an easier way.

Alfred is a simple but robust command center for your Mac. It can search the web, calculate, find definitions, manage hotkeys, start emails, control music, and so much more. The opportunities are endless but even teammates who aren’t steeped in technology would definitely find some way to speed up their days.

5. Grammarly

While autocorrect is ubiquitous nowadays, checking all your communications for vocabulary repetitions, semantic typos, and grammar takes a lot of time you’d rather devote to something else.

Grammarly checks your messages for any errors right as you type, giving you suggestions on how you could improve. It’s like having a personal writing coach that’s there when you need them to be. A true gift to your whole team.

6. Trello

There are few things as important as seeing your company’s progress visually on a board. Knowing the velocity of your team lets you accurately predict how long certain tasks are going to take.

Trello follows the kanban methodology to display the task status in the column view while letting you push the tasks through the workflow. Doing this your team can see the state of affairs at any time in the day, resolve bottlenecks, and shift resources to where they are needed the most.

You may also want to consider, which we also really love and have previously written about as well.

7. Dropbox

Gone are the days when the size of the hard drive mattered. Today all of us have come to a consensus that storing company files on someone’s laptop is simply not safe. Besides unnecessarily restricting access, computers get corrupted and stolen all the time, so a well-tested backup is a must.

Dropbox is a lighting-fast cloud storage provider for your whole company. Working just like any other folder on your Mac, Dropbox automatically syncs all of its contents with a cloud, keeping your company files safe and accessible to all.

Final thoughts

If you run your own business, it’s essential to remember to be on top of the latest apps that could save your team dozens of hours every week. In the meantime, we’ve detailed seven time-tested winners above, so that you know where to start on your productivity journey.

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