SXSW: The PonoPlayer Looks to Compete with iPod By Offering High-Resolution Music Support

Musical artist Neil Young believes in the power of the portable music player, and not just the one pre-built into your smartphone or tablet. No, he believes that the age dominated by the iPod isn’t quite over, and thinks he has the device’s next great successor: the PonoPlayer, which will make an appearance … [Read more...]

Snowden Calls for More Encryption During SXSW Discussion

Today during an hour long discussion hosted by the ACLU and the Texas Tribune at SXSW, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden spoke via web broadcast about the need for better security to be implemented by the services utilized by users around the world. Snowden, of course, became famous when last summer he … [Read more...]

whodoyou Mashes Up Yelp and Angie’s List To Offer Recommendations

If you want a recommendation for a plumber, you usually take to Facebook to hear what your friend's have to say.  After all, the best recommendations come from friends.  Now, a new platform aims to collect those recommendations on Facebook and combine them into a searchable database.  "whodoyou," which coins … [Read more...]

Microsoft Still ‘Committed’ to Xbox, Will Improve ‘Games with Gold’

Back when Stephen Elop was being considered as Microsoft CEO, it was rumored that part of his plan included selling Xbox. As most know, Elop didn't end up getting the job; it instead went to Satya Nadella. Elop will soon lead the company's hardware division, though; the same division where the Xbox currently … [Read more...]

HTC Flagship LED Phone Case Photo Leaked

It seems as though HTC’s newest advertising strategy has taken the form of staging leaks. That’s one of the only logical conclusions for just how many photos and videos have hit the web purporting to show off the follow up to the HTC One smartphone, which is likely going to be revealed on March 25. This … [Read more...]

Medium Coming to iPhone With New Native App

Medium, the social publishing platform founded by Twitter founder Evan Williams, is taking another bold step next week as the company will release a new native mobile application for iPhone that will allow users to read (but not yet write) posts on the go. The new app, which has thus far only been confirmed … [Read more...]

4K Displays Getting Retina Support in OS X 10.9.3 on Supported Devices

As 4K displays become more prominent and the price continues to drop at a rapid rate, it should be no surprise to see that Apple has now begun to take the implementation 4K support in OS X a bit more seriously. Just as Apple has now begun seeding builds of OS X 10.9.3 following the release of 10.9.2 last … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-up: Apple Introduces CarPlay; Judge Won’t Ban Samsung Devices in the U.S.

It's Sunday, which means it's once again time for our Weekly Wrap-up. If you've been out of the loop this past week, we'll get you all caught up on the biggest happenings in the tech world. And the best part? If you're not much of a reader, you can watch the video below and be just as caught up. Plus, you get … [Read more...]

Aereo CEO at SXSW: Focused on Product, Not Interested in Selling

At SXSW today, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia spoke about the company's recent legal troubles and the continued growth and expansion of the service. If you're not familiar with Aereo, I would definitely recommend you check out our complete review of the service, but in short it's a standalone TV (for over-the-air … [Read more...]

SXSW 2014 Accelerator: Social Apps

We're at the SXSW 2014 Accelerator where companies focused on various different aspects of technology including, social, enterprise/big data, wearable, entertainment, content, and health will pitch their heart's out in front of a panel of judges with the hope of coming out on top. The first set of … [Read more...]

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