Microsoft CEO Nadella Wasn’t On Board with Nokia Buy

This morning we learned that Microsoft is moving forward with plans to make Android and Windows Phone platforms friendlier, with a deal to have Karbonn Mobiles, an Indian smartphone maker, create dual-boot handsets that feature both operating systems. It seems that this move, along with the release of the … [Read more...]

Report: LG Making Nexus 6, Google Smartwatch

Even though the Mobile World Congress has been over and done for about a week, news seems to still be trickling out. Yesterday, Germany’s Gizmodo reported that it had learned about Google’s plans for its Nexus 6 smartphone, which was only tacitly confirmed last week by Android boss Sundar Pichai. According to … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Coming March 9th, Will Cost You $650

Are you in the market for a ridiculously large tablet with a screen size almost as big as the average notebook screen? If so, Samsung's got some great news for you. You may remember the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, a monster of a tablet that Samsung announced alongside the company's new Flipboard style home … [Read more...]

Nearly All T-Mobile BlackBerry Trade-Ins Have Switched to a Competing Platform

The bad news keeps coming in for former smartphone giant BlackBerry. You may recall that T-Mobile has been running a high value trade-in promo, encouraging BlackBerry users to trade-in their old and busted phones for $200 towards a new smartphone. The promotion appears to be going over remarkably well for our … [Read more...]

Microsoft Makes Deal for Dual-Boot Windows & Android Phones

While it’s not quite the magic bullet for getting more Windows Phones into pockets, Microsoft has made an agreement with Indian OEM Karbonn Mobiles to bring dual-boot Android and Windows Phone handsets to market in the next few months. Karbonn chairman Sudhir Hasija spoke with the Times of India and … [Read more...]

The End of Non-Retina? 13-inch MacBook Pro to Be Discontinued

Could we be approaching the end of low-resolution Apple devices? According to Digitimes, Apple will be ending production of its non-Retina, 13-inch MacBook Pro this year, slimming the product line down to the Retina-enhanced models introduced over the past two years. Apple's non-Retina, 15-inch model of … [Read more...]

New HTC Ad Hints at All New One’s Dual Camera

Despite the fact that it’s not set to be revealed until March 25, there seems to be no shortage of information about the HTC All New One, the follow-up to the smartphone maker’s flagship handset. One of the most interesting details to come out of the various rumors and leaks lately is that the phone will … [Read more...]

Video: The State of the Next Generation Game Console Wars

In November, two of gaming’s giants released their independent visions for the future of video game home consoles. Sony with its more affordable, more powerful, more indie-friendly PlayStation 4, and Microsoft with its entertainment-focused, voice-command driven, big budget Xbox One. Months of pre-launch … [Read more...]

Cortana Voice Assistant Caught on Video, Coming to Windows Phone 8.1

Well, we've been hearing the whispers, but nothing quite as convincing as what's been revealed today. You read that right, Microsoft has a new voice assistant feature coming soon to Windows Phone 8.1 devices, and its name is Cortana. Named after the familiar artificial intelligence personality prominent in … [Read more...]

Updated: HUVr Hoax Exposed By Online Resume

Update Well, that was over fast. As everyone with a rational brain suspected, the HUVr hoverboard hoax has been exposed as a Funny or Die sketch. The online resume of a wardrobe director named Lauren Biedenharn has been discovered, with one recent job being described as a commercial featuring "Back to the … [Read more...]

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