Heartbleed is Huge, Experts Say More Than Half of All Web Servers Are Affected

Yesterday, independent security researchers made public that a critical vulnerability in the widely popular cryptographic software library, OpenSSL had been discovered. The vulnerability, known "Heartbleed" allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of systems protected by multiple versions (specifically version 1.0.1 … [Read more...]

Microsoft Bringing 360 Games to Xbox One; Retail Price Cuts Continue

The current console war between Microsoft and Sony is barely half a year old, but conventional wisdom says that the PlayStation 4 is winning over the Xbox One pretty handily so far. But Microsoft seems determined to close the gap. During the company’s annual Build conference a few days ago, Microsoft’s Frank Savage publicly … [Read more...]

Watch It: Rumors Out of Asia Speculate on iWatch in 2014, Samsung Gear Solo

New rumors reported by newspapers in Asia offer the goods on two of tech’s bitterest rivals: Apple and Samsung. With one, we hear that the iWatch may be headed to market by the end of the year. With the other, we’ve got some more possible details on a SIM-enabled Galaxy Gear smartwatch. A post on Macrumors today gives us … [Read more...]

Twitter Profiles are Getting a New Look, with Pinned Tweets, Filtering and More

Okay, maybe "new" look isn't accurate. How about "borrowed" look? Yes, the Facebookification of Twitter continues. In an announcement posted this morning on the company's blog, Twitter designer David Bellona showed us the future of Twitter profiles. And that future looks an awful lot like the present for … [Read more...]

Today Qualcomm Announced the Future of Mobile: Snapdragon 808 & 810

Earlier today we looked into some specs purported to be found in an as-yet unannounced Samsung smartphone. Those specs included Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor, a pretty powerful little piece of equipment that offers up to 2.7 GHz of performance. But as advanced as that is, Qualcomm decided to unveil the next step in … [Read more...]

The New HTC One M8 Ad is Bold and Provocative

Gary Oldman (or Commissioner Gordon for all you Batman fans out there) is the star of HTC's latest ad for its brand new HTC One M8 (see below).  The new ad is bold and provocative, it doesn't use any fancy marketing lingo or list out features and specifications -- nope, it doesn't do any of that.  Oldman starts out by … [Read more...]

Broadcast Your World with Livestream for Google Glass

Google Glass may be still in the "explorer" stage, limited strictly to only those who Google deems worthy enough to get one of the early pre-production ready units. But that doesn't mean people aren't doing some pretty incredible things with it. Take Livestream for example, a popular online video broadcasting service that … [Read more...]

Leaked Photos Expose High-End, Premium Samsung Handset

In the weeks since its reveal, and just before it goes on sale to the public, it seems that the bloom has fallen off the Samsung Galaxy S5’s rose. Most tech writers and critics have thrown their interest behind the HTC One M8 in terms of Android handsets, while the last time anyone had anything to say about Samsung’s phones … [Read more...]

Report: Google “About to Launch” Android TV

Last week Amazon finally ended months of rumors when the company unveiled Fire TV, a tiny black square box that plugs into your television and streams content from the web. As it happens, Amazon’s long-awaited entry into your living room space was just the start: according to a post on the Verge, Google will soon be … [Read more...]

Need A Website? Try IM Creator

Creating a website these days has gotten dramatically easier than just a couple years ago.  While it’s always useful to know how to code, it’s no longer absolutely necessary to create a high-quality, professional website because of the various tools in the web design marketplace today. A recent web design platform … [Read more...]

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