Man from Mars: The Cosmic Origins of Google’s Project Tango

Project Tango, an effort from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group (ATAP) to imbue a smartphone with the ability to build complex, accurate 3D models of the physical world, has the potential to change the interactions between humans and machines. This is the stuff of science-fiction, so it’s not too surprising … [Read more...]

Thanks for Listening: Google Now Lets Users Customize the Navigation Box

Back in January I wrote a post asking Google to give users the ability to customize the navigation box with Google products they want to see, in the order they want to see them.  Well, today, I clicked on the navigation box and to my great surprise I noticed something different: "New! Drag and drop to rearrange your … [Read more...]

Samsung Unveiled New Galaxy Tab4 Line While No One Was Paying Attention

As you probably know by now, April Fool’s Day tends to be something of a lousy day to try and catch up on news via the Internet, with websites deciding that they can GETCHA with their clever articles and fake reports. The result, of course, is tons of misinformation, and most people deciding to just not pay attention for 24 … [Read more...]

Rebecca Minkoff Makes Selfies the Focus of Its Marketing

When you think of handbags and fashion, you don't typically think of technology, but that's exactly what Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff, thinks about.  Originally the founder of a software company, Uri thinks of ways he can utilize technology to enhance the brand, particularly through social media.  As a result, the … [Read more...]

No Fooling: Microsoft to Talk Windows 9 at This Week’s Build Conference?

Despite the fact that today is April 1, to the best of my knowledge, this is not a joke. A post on ZDNet today reports that at this week’s Build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft may give us some details regarding the next iteration of its flagship OS. That’s right, it sounds like we might get a glimpse at Windows … [Read more...]

Target’s Offering Major Video Game Deals April 6-12

Looking to add to your video game collection? From April 6 through April 12, Target will make it pretty cost-effective for you to do so. The retailer plans to offer a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal on "over a thousand titles across all game systems." You can check out the circular ad to the right. Indeed, there are games from … [Read more...]

Google+ Adds View Counts for Profiles, Posts and Images

Think your Google+ page isn't getting much action? Google is hoping to prove you wrong by adding view counters to its profiles, posts, and pages. Then you can at least see that people are looking at your content on the social network, even if they may not be interacting with it. The counters, first reported on by The … [Read more...]

Doom Creator & Oculus CTO John Carmack Seems Okay with Working for Facebook Now

Less than a week ago, Facebook stunned the tech world by spending $2 billion to acquire virtual reality start-up Oculus, and the company’s in-development headset, the Rift. The backlash among former Oculus fans was swift and immediate, pretty perfectly encapsulated by the just-as-sudden announcement of Marcus “Notch” … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Shortage Threatens Rapid Tech Boom

With the rapid development of technology and the increased connectivity of all things, aka, the Internet of things, one area that is falling drastically behind is cybersecurity.  In fact, there is shortage of nearly one million skilled security professionals worldwide, according to Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security … [Read more...]

Gmail Overhauled Today with Shelfie Support

As part of its annual April 1st overhual, Gmail has been updated with some hot new features everyone has been waiting for. Above all, though, Google’s free-to-use email service now allows you to share those oh-so-loved selfies of yours with the masses, in the form of shelfies. That’s right, all of those lovely self … [Read more...]

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